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Justin Roberts

Justin Roberts comes to the Hollywire Studio to chat about his career with Ashley Brinkman. Justin’s song ‘Six Figures’ has 7 million views. He said he came up with it by simply thinking of what rappers rap about and adding comedy to it; and it worked! Drake come to his 15th birthday party where Justin took photo’s with him and then was at a loss for words! But, when Drake left his party he ended up following Justin on Instagram! He has a new show out on Youtube called Work In Progress. He will be making a Team 10 movie that’s 30 minutes long and will be aired on his channel! We also chat about Shane Dawson and how he thinks Shane is revolutionizing the game! We play Hollywords with Justin and get all the tea about his life!

Millie Bobby Brown In TEARS During Instagram Story About End Of Stranger Things Season 3

Taking to Instagram, Millie Bobby Brown let us know how sad she is about not getting to spend every day with her Stranger Things family anymore. In an Instagram story she wrote quote, ‘Last day of shooting for Stranger things 3” as she rode in a car towards the set looking quite sad. Stranger Things has been a standout show since it’s debut and we all love the cast, it’s no wonder why she would be in tears. But, while Millie’s sad the filming has come to a close, we’re excited because that means we have new Netflix content to binge watch coming soon. Still though, Millie is so sweet and we love seeing how much she values making this show for us all! She also added to the video saying quote, “I will cry all day fyi.” Then she shouted out some of her cast mates telling Sadie Sink quote, “I can’t say goodbye” and to Noah Schnapp she said quote, “This is not ok.”


Bülow would love to collaborate with Frank Ocean one day. Not only that but, other artists that inspire her are Avril Lavigne and Bob Marley. She admits that her favorite city to perform at was Salt Lake City because they had the best vibe. She feels she has a very laidback does not care about what others think vibe. Bülow’s sound is always evolving and she gets inspired all the time. Her song “Two Punks In Love” is a story she resonates with but it did not actually happen to her. Being on the road and hearing her fans sing her songs has given her an actual connection with her fans. Because she has a great group of people to tour with, she absolutely loves touring.

Garrett Clayton

Garrett Clayton thinks kissing on the first date is a must and emails with Whoopi Goldberg! Garrett’s movie “Reach” is out and it is a must watch! His character is Steven, a boy who decides  he wants to commit suicide. Garrett thinks filming this movie was amazing! A career highlight of his is his spot on The View where he got to meet Whoopi Goldberg! She gave him her email and now they are email buddies. She sent him an amazing and heartfelt email! We play Hype or Wack with Garrett Clayton. As a result, we find out that he loves pulling pranks on his friends because he’s great at it! Not only that, he loves traveling to Morocco. 

Lilia Buckingham

Lilia Buckingham tells us her weirdest moments!! The movie “Coraline” is the weirdest movie she’s ever seen! She thinks her brother eats the weirdest breakfast, eggs with ketchup. The weirdest thing in her room is a mannequin with no head! She also tells us about her weirdest audition where they told her to say her lines with no emotion! She and her BFF Emily Skinner go to acting class together and had to close their eyes for 20 minutes and they both ended up crying!!

Laura Marano

Laura Marano drops by the Hollywire studio to talk music! She just released the first single off her new project ‘Me’ be sure to check it out!! She loves Pink and talks about her all the time; she likes how personal Pink gets with her music. A career highlight of Laura’s is performing a halftime show at Madison Square Garden! We play Emotional Tweet and it gets hilarious!

Emily Skinner

Ashley Brinkman interviews Emily Skinner stars in the film “Next Level” alongside Chloe Lukasiak, Hayden Summerall, Lauren Orlando, Chloe East, and Brooke Butler! She plays ‘Cindy’ who can be a little mean sometimes but Emily tells us she’s just insecure and wants to win badly! She had an amazing time working on this set and explains how the dance scenes were filmed!

Brooke Elizabeth Butler

Ashley Brinkman interviews Brooke Elizabeth Butler stars in the new film “Next Level” alongside Hayden Summerall, Chloe Lukasiak, Emily Skinner, Lauren Orlando, and Chloe East! She admits she is not as good at sports but that her brother Rush Holland Butler is! Brooke shows off her hidden talent which is being able to speak gibberish!! She hopes that fans will take-away that you don’t have to be the most popular person but having a good group of friends is key!

Lexi DiBenedetto

Lexi DiBenedetto thinks living in Los Angeles is a big adventure in itself! She learned how to drive in LA and confesses she’s painted her nails in the car! She loves working on the set of “Knight Squad” her and her cast-mates are always laughing while on set. She thinks the show touches on real life situations that are relatable to the show. Lexi breaks down her character’s style and her personal style! She also reveals her favorite storyline in the show, Ciara and Prudence! We play ‘This Or That – Squad Edition’ where Lexi tells us what she does with her friends during the week!

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