Byron Mann

Byron Mann tells us about his action figure and talks “Street Fighter.” The movie was wrapped before filming was even done! It was one of the first video games to be made into a movie. “Skyscraper” with Dwayne Johnson was filmed in Vancouver not Hong Kong. He tells us, for “Altered Carbon” he keeps his shirt on and that it was a crazy shoot.

Olivia O’Brien

Olivia O’Brien dishes about thinking ugly things are cute, like her ‘dad shoes.’ She has been using fake tattoos from Milk Makeup to see if she wants a real tattoo in place of it. She has a fake smiley face tattoo on her face! Olivia loves change! She also has baby ducks as a pet. Her song inspiration comes from her super strong emotions, it’s like her therapy. We find out her celebrity crush, Ryan Gosling and who her best girlfriends are!


Matoma teaches us how to be a DJ. He spills the beans about pre-show jitters. He tells us about Enrique Iglesias, how they met, their first conversations, and spending time with him in Miami. He dishes about his girlfriend and how she inspires him. Matoma talks about his craziest fan experience and how a few of them stripped down to nothing and were partying a little too hard.

Mikaela Shiffrin Dishes About Her Unicycling Skills

Mikaela Shiffrin admits to us that she fell down a flight of stairs and the ‘Kids’ Choice Awards’ is the most Hollywood things she has done. She spent time learning how to ride a unicycle and thinks everyone should try it.

Maia and Alex Shibutani

Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani gush over their Olympic winning costumes! Maia’s favorite dress was the red dress she wore at the Paradise program at the Olympics while skating to Coldplay. They won two Olympic medals! Something, not sport related, that people should not try is planning flights back to back. Alex knows that having swag means you don’t need to talk about your swag; it’s unspoken.

Andy Grammar

Andy Grammer spills about the weirdest questions on his podcast and his spiritual experiences. He dishes about being a new dad to his daughter. He tells us that he hates pineapple pizza! Also, he teaches us how to beatbox! Not only that, but he performs his new song “The Good Parts.”

JoJo Siwa Gets Real About Haters

JoJo Siwa admits that she is the most competitive person she knows! Her outfit was custom made for her and when she was on her first show AUDC, she thought she was so cool! She searched on Youtube, “this video will…” and the second thing that comes up is, “This video will make you hate JoJo Siwa.” She found this to be funny and she is inspired to do better because of it! She has many hidden talents like sounding like a bagpipe instrument.

Thomas Barbusca

Thomas Barbusca drops by the studio to tell us all about his film “BigTime Adolescence.” Thomas and Machine Gun Kelly text each other on the daily. Pete Davidson plays his best friend in the movie and Thomas thinks Pete is hilarious! He admits, he’s most likely to be ‘class clown,’ the ‘life of the party’ is Machine Gun Kelly, and Kaitlin Olsen and Sofia Black-D’elia would make a great president! And he admits to being the biggest flirt!!

Britt Baron

Britt Baron from the TV show “Glow” came by the studio to talk about season 2. The response by fans has been very positive! Britt loves all of her characters outfit from the set of “Glow.” Britt loves wine, coffee, and her ‘Clean & Clear’ beauty products!

Carly Craig

Carly Craig dishes about her weirdest Tinder dates, “the crying guy!” She got to hangout with Rick Springfield the singer of “Jessie’s Girl.” She some weird socks that she wore on her show “Sideswiped” and she spills about one of her dates bad body oder!

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