Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce stopped by the studio and we got to hear all about the charity campaign he’s currently working on! Every shirt is being bought for $25 and that $25 essentially provides clean water to one person for the rest of their life!! Cameron is so passionate about this project and we’re so glad he’s involved in something as important the water crisis. We then got to talking about Descendants 3, can you guys believe the first Descendants film came out 5 years ago?!

Make sure to buy one of Cameron Boyce’s shirts to help end the water crisis!! https://represent.com/cameron/limited…


One of our favorite heartthrobs, Froy Gutierrez, came into the studio to give us a live exclusive performance of his song, ‘Sideswiped’!! He sounded SO amazing and we are so lucky to have heard him live in the studio. Froy is from Dallas and told us all about how weird it was going from living in the suburbs of Texas to living in Los Angeles! Froy has starred in Teen Wolf and is working on so much new music!! We LOVE Froy and can’t wait to see where his career goes!


We were lucky enough to have the fabulous, Willam come into the studio to tell us all about ‘A Star Is Born’! Willam told us all about his life growing up and even how he got into doing makeup. ‘A Star Is Born’ is out in theaters today and Willam told us all about what it was like to star with Lady Gaga! He said she was almost unrecognizable with her brown hair, but her unforgettable voice is what made him realize it was her! Willam just released his second solo album that even topped the charts!! We got real with Willam and loved his no F’s given mentality, Willam said YouTube isn’t for everyone, and he’s not afraid to tell someone that!!

Mason Cook

Mason Cook from ABC’s, ‘Speechless’, stopped by the studio to tell us all about the behind the scenes bloopers on set! He even told us about the wild pranks that happen while the cameras aren’t rolling. Mason said the funniest prank he pulled was when he tricked someone into believing his name was “Madison”, so hilarious!! Mason says that growing up in the industry has been wild and has made him mature beyond his years. We played “Would You Rather” with Mason and he said he would rather be stranded on a desert island with Nicki Minaj!


Lloyd came into the studio to tell us all about his journey and his new album, ‘Tru’! He had some awesome features on his album like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and even his son!! Lloyd said he even used some of his sons toys as percussion in the background for some of his songs. Lloyd told us that his definition of greatness is being the best imperfection of yourself that you can be, we love that!

RJ Word

We got to hang out with RJ Word and he talked to us about his new music video, What You Need!! RJ Talked to us about his experience performing on stage and even what it was like to direct and put input into his own music video. RJ is super creative and loved the experience of styling himself and influencing the creative flow of his music video. We played ‘What You Need’ with RJ and he told us what he likes and dislikes!

Jonathan Bennett

‘Mean Girls’, Jonathan Bennett stopped by the studio to tell us all about his new cookbook, The Burn Cookbook!! Jonathan told us about the inspiration behind his new book and even how he first thought of the idea! He includes everything from DIY beauty masks to workout routines included in his new book. Jonathan says the recipes are so good, but SO simple!! We played fetch or not fetch with Jonathan! He said cheat days from your diet is not fetch, he has way too many of those!! He even revealed that he has skinny-dipped with his costars, we wonder who?

Marcus & Martinus

Marcus and Martinus got weird with us at Hollywire!! We asked the two what the weirdest thing to ever happen on stage was, and they both said it was when a fan broke their ribs during their performance! M&M said the weirdest outfit they wore on stage was a squirrel costume. Their weirdest thing they have in their rooms is bit of grass from a soccer field. They said the weirdest place they ever stayed at was a hotel that had an aquarium in it!!

Hannah Zeile

Hannah Zeile from NBC’s, This Is Us, came into the studio to tell us all about what it’s like to work on the show!! She said the funniest moment on set was actually during a tragic scene in the show, when she had uncontrollable hiccups. Hannah told us about her experience attending her first Emmy’s!! She brought her mom as her date and told us all about her amazing time. Hannah talked about her passion for singing and that she’s even working on original music!!

Debby Ryan

We chatted with Debby Ryan at the iHeart Radio Music Festival and got to congratulate her on being renewed for a second season of Insatiable!! Debby says she was in bed when found out about the news, and she said she was freaking out and excited!! She told us about how happy her family was when hearing the news and how supportive they have always been about career. We just had fellow Insatiable castmember, Kimmy Shields, in the studio for an interview and Debby said she saw it and loved it. She said that her and Kimmy have become the closest of friends and she thinks the cast of Insatiable is so special.

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