Haley Joel Osment shares his most Hollywood moment!

Haley Joel Osment loves being a part of the charity sides of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but he also loves the team! He grew up playing golf with his dad and wanted to be a basketball player when he grew up. Some of his fondest memories are playing sports. Haley tells us that his most Hollywood moment happened at a Dodgers game! Yasiel Puig said a line from the movie The Sixth Sense.

Sky Katz reveals who’s the BEST at Makeup Tutorials!!

Sky Katz dishes on who she thinks does the best makeup tutorials, Manny MUA! We obviously had to ask about beauty treads and she told us about when she use to draw on her eyebrows and the hilarious disaster it was! It took her longer than expected to get ready for Beautycon and this was her second one! Sky looks fantastic and shows off her dress while on the pink carpet.

Kylie Jenner’s Dr. Simon Ourian

Dr. Simon Ourian tells us how he feels about Kylie Jenner getting rid of her lip fillers! He says that Kylie has gotten rid of most of her fillers as well. He informs us on the latest trends when it comes to fillers and plastic surgery; high cheek bones are in! Many people get turned away for surgery if he doesn’t think it is the right decision for the patient.


CJ Perry tells us about her first ladder match! She describes her first experience and spills all the details on how to get to the briefcase first. Although, some may have cheated their way to the top of the ladder, CJ was sure to crush her opponents during the fight. CJ gives us her tips on how she keeps her figure and looking amazing 365 days a year!

Michele Weaver

Michele Weaver explains that love can’t be defined and “you just know it, when you know.” She’s learned that forgiveness is the recipe for finding love. You must learn and move past things in a relationship! She talks about Chace Crawford and how they went to the same college.


Sarah Jeffery tells use she has been vegan for two years and loves vegan beauty products. She’s also starring in the new TV reboot “Charmed”, filmed “Shades of Blue” with Jennifer Lopez, and Disney movie “Descendants 3.” She gushes about her amazing family, friends and how they keep her grounded.


Marc Summers dishes about the weirdest moments on “Double Dare!” He had to leave the studio because they were using dog food on the show and he hates the smell. His weirdest pair of socks are red Christmas socks that he wears every year. And the weirdest thing he’s ever eaten are chocolate covered crickets!

Daisy Marquez SPILLS on Her 21st BDAY CELEBRATION!

Daisy Marquez tells us whose glam she would love to do, good friend Thomas Halbert! She also spills that she would love to celebrate her 21st birthday in Las Vegas. She’s going on tour and wants it to be interactive with a live Q & A, giveaways, and a meet and greet! She gave us some amazing advice on being yourself and that she hasn’t changed since fame.


Gigi Gorgeous and Hollywire meet again on on the Beautycon pink carpet!!! Gigi admits her friends are the reason she is able to stay real and grounded in entertainment and beauty. Gigi predicts a beauty trend that she thinks is going to be the next big thing…. Hint: it involved mascara! She also gave us some details on her red carpet glam and the time it took for her to get there! Gigi Gorgeous has conquered the hearts of over 2.7 MILLION subscribers on Youtube by being unapologetically herself!


Timothy Granaderos plays Montgomery on Netflix’s tv show 13 Reasons Why. The Netflix series has just wrapped season 2 and we already can’t wait for season 3! His character ‘Monty’ on 13 Reasons Why is portrayed as a villain. In this video, Tim shares his weirdest and most awkward moments. Monty may be a little rough on the edges, but in real life, Tim is just. a lovely, relatable guy. He previously admitted to being an emotional guy and enjoys cleaning his house. During his Hollywire interview, Tim admitted he shared a CRAZY fan encounter!!

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