Ethan Cutkosky

Watch as we follow Shameless actor, Ethan Cutkosky through the new Dark Entities maze at Knott’s Scary Farm! Be sure to check out this SPOOKY maze at Knott’s Scary Farm this year!!

Madison Iseman

The talented Madison Iseman came into the studio to tell us all about her new movie, Goosebumps 2!! Madison was lucky enough to be able to work with Jack Black again on Goosebumps 2! Madison said it was like a “Bethany-inception” since she played opposite Jack’s role in Jumanji! We got to hear a little bit about the behind the scenes of Goosebumps 2 and Madison said it was really interesting to star in a movie with tons of CGI effects and green screens. Madison told us a bit about what it was like to move to LA when she was so young and we are SO inspired by her story!

Ser’Darius Blain

The incredibly talented, Ser’Darius Blain came into the studio to tell us all about his experience working on Jumanji! Believe it or not, Ser’Darius was going to become a doctor and decided to give acting a shot, and we are so glad he did!! He played ‘Fridge’, a young Kevin Hart, in ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’. We talked about how hilarious the movie was and Ser’Darius told us all about the star studded cast. Ser’Darius also told us a little bit about his role on the new show, ‘Charmed’, and gave us some exclusive details on his character!! Who else is excited for Charmed?

KJ Apa & Luke Perry

We were lucky enough to chat with ‘Riverdale’ stars, KJ Apa and Luke Perry at the iHeart Radio Music Festival!! We absolutely love these two and were so excited to chat about season 3 of Riverdale. KJ Apa told us all about his relationship with on-screen dad, Luke Perry. He said he’s more of a brother and real good friend. The two were pretty tight-lipped about season 3 but said if we thought season 2 was crazy, we should all get ready for season 3!! We learned that they were both excited to see JT perform, but if they saw him in the hallway they would just play it cool.

Cody Christian

Cody Christian came in to the studio to talk ‘Assassination Nation’, ‘All American’, but most importantly, to meet our office dog, Boomer!! Cody told us all about the instant chemistry he had on set of ‘Assassination Nation’ with his star-studded cast, Bella Thorne and Bill Skarsgård to name a few. Along with his new role in The CW’s ‘All American’, came his all American thick thighs! We made sure to document Cody’s gains from his new role as a high school football player. All jokes aside, Cody said he loves playing “Asher” in the drama and even says he can relate to him in a lot of different ways! After playing never have I ever, we learned that Cody has never had a crush on a costar and that he googles himself every morning!!

Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce stopped by the studio and we got to hear all about the charity campaign he’s currently working on! Every shirt is being bought for $25 and that $25 essentially provides clean water to one person for the rest of their life!! Cameron is so passionate about this project and we’re so glad he’s involved in something as important the water crisis. We then got to talking about Descendants 3, can you guys believe the first Descendants film came out 5 years ago?!

Make sure to buy one of Cameron Boyce’s shirts to help end the water crisis!!…


One of our favorite heartthrobs, Froy Gutierrez, came into the studio to give us a live exclusive performance of his song, ‘Sideswiped’!! He sounded SO amazing and we are so lucky to have heard him live in the studio. Froy is from Dallas and told us all about how weird it was going from living in the suburbs of Texas to living in Los Angeles! Froy has starred in Teen Wolf and is working on so much new music!! We LOVE Froy and can’t wait to see where his career goes!


We were lucky enough to have the fabulous, Willam come into the studio to tell us all about ‘A Star Is Born’! Willam told us all about his life growing up and even how he got into doing makeup. ‘A Star Is Born’ is out in theaters today and Willam told us all about what it was like to star with Lady Gaga! He said she was almost unrecognizable with her brown hair, but her unforgettable voice is what made him realize it was her! Willam just released his second solo album that even topped the charts!! We got real with Willam and loved his no F’s given mentality, Willam said YouTube isn’t for everyone, and he’s not afraid to tell someone that!!

Mason Cook

Mason Cook from ABC’s, ‘Speechless’, stopped by the studio to tell us all about the behind the scenes bloopers on set! He even told us about the wild pranks that happen while the cameras aren’t rolling. Mason said the funniest prank he pulled was when he tricked someone into believing his name was “Madison”, so hilarious!! Mason says that growing up in the industry has been wild and has made him mature beyond his years. We played “Would You Rather” with Mason and he said he would rather be stranded on a desert island with Nicki Minaj!

Jonathan Bennett

‘Mean Girls’, Jonathan Bennett stopped by the studio to tell us all about his new cookbook, The Burn Cookbook!! Jonathan told us about the inspiration behind his new book and even how he first thought of the idea! He includes everything from DIY beauty masks to workout routines included in his new book. Jonathan says the recipes are so good, but SO simple!! We played fetch or not fetch with Jonathan! He said cheat days from your diet is not fetch, he has way too many of those!! He even revealed that he has skinny-dipped with his costars, we wonder who?

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