Boyz II Men

Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris, and Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men chat with us at the iHeart Radio Music Festival. They told us all about their residency in Las Vegas at the Mirage. Not only that but the group harmonizes for us on the spot! They feel that their fans are the best out there. Whenever their performing their fans are also singing along and giving them back the best energy possible. Boyz II Men presented the main musical guest of that night, Logic! Logic was the headliner for the last night of the festival, Boyz II Men had a great time at the iHeart Radio Music Festival! 

Jack and Jack

Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson of Jack and Jack tells us their weirdest moments and weirdest things they own. They own some pretty weird socks, elf and hula girl socks. The elf socks look like elf Christmas hats, on your feet! The Halloween costumes got very weird! Jack Johnson told us about his executioner, wizard, dragon all in one costume from when he was 7! They went on a third wheel date together because it was Jack Gilinsky first date and saw the movie Bolt. And finally, Jack Johnson accidentally left his credit card at home so his girlfriend ended up having to pay for their valentines day dinner.


Bülow would love to collaborate with Frank Ocean one day. Not only that but, other artists that inspire her are Avril Lavigne and Bob Marley. She admits that her favorite city to perform at was Salt Lake City because they had the best vibe. She feels she has a very laidback does not care about what others think vibe. Bülow’s sound is always evolving and she gets inspired all the time. Her song “Two Punks In Love” is a story she resonates with but it did not actually happen to her. Being on the road and hearing her fans sing her songs has given her an actual connection with her fans. Because she has a great group of people to tour with, she absolutely loves touring.

Olly Alexander

Olly Alexander from Years & Years drops by the Hollywire studio to chat with Tony Moras!  Not only is Olly super talented but he is friends with the talented Nick Jonas and makes music with him! Also, Olly is a huge fan of Rihanna and met her. When asked who he would like to collaborate with his answer was Rihanna; we would love to see this collaboration! Olly has many wardrobe changes during a show while performing. His album Palo Santo is out now! The album’s music videos are very futuristic and Olly Alexander tells us he is very interested in the future, it’s something that fascinates him.

Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer has an amazing podcast with her husband and iHeart Radio called Wine Down. She has an EP that she is working on for next year! She wrote all the songs herself and the songs are all about her and her husbands relationship. She cannot wait to har her baby and get back to work! Although it’s a full-time job she hopes to book some roles and get back on TV. She saw Jason Bateman at a park and snuck some photos of him because she loves his show Ozark!!

Kane Brown

Tony Moras from Hollywire went to Nashville to chat with singer Kane Brown! Kane’s infamous truck was epic, he and his friends built it! He’s plans to take his truck Daytona truck meet. Kane released his album ‘Experiment’ on November 9th! This album was a lot of fun for Kane to put together and he wrote some of his songs while vacationing at a lake house. Although he’s been through a lot, he has been able to keep positive and always makes sure to connect with his fans. Sony dropped new headphones where you can listen to music while you talk on the phone! Congratulations to Kane and his wife Katelyn Jae on their wedding! He even got a tattoo of her name on his hand!

Laura Marano

Laura Marano drops by the Hollywire studio to talk music! She just released the first single off her new project ‘Me’ be sure to check it out!! She loves Pink and talks about her all the time; she likes how personal Pink gets with her music. A career highlight of Laura’s is performing a halftime show at Madison Square Garden! We play Emotional Tweet and it gets hilarious!

Tiffany Young

Tony Moras chatted with Tiffany Young at the American Music Awards! She just released her second single ‘Teach You’!! This song is about heartbreak that she had to deal with. She loves Drake! She made her own rendition to ‘Hotline Bling’!! Tiffany always introduces Drake music to Girls Generation! We Never Have I Ever with Tiffany!! She admits she’s forgotten lyrics before while performing.

Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie tells us her weirdest moments! The weirdest name in her phone is Andrew Armenian Butterfly. The weirdest tattoo she’s ever seen is alligator eyebrow tattoo’s! Her weirdest moment with Lil Yachty was during an awkward phone call, he couldn’t hear her and hung up!


Tony Moras got to sit down with Zico while he was in Los Angeles! Zico admits to us that he loves Drake and is inspired by him! He grew up listening to Drake and idolizes him. Zico shares with us that he is shocked to have a non-Korean fanbase. He is also known to do celebrity impressions, and he is great at them! Zico is very involved with his merchandise and told us that he is very happy with the look of his shirts! Fashion is very important to Zico, he feels that it’s a way to express yourself.

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