Top 4 WEIRDEST Things about SKY KATZ !!

Sky Katz stopped by the Hollywire studio to share her weirdest moments, experiences and facts! Sky Katz is a young rapper who’s been seen on America’s Got Talent and the Disney show ‘Raven’s Home’. She shared some fun stuff from the weirdest thing she likes to do with friends to the weirdest pair of socks she owns

NOTD Dishes on Biggest Influences and Teach us SWEDISH !!

NOTD stopped by the Hollywire studio to chat about their music debut leading up to their success! They describe their relation to Avicii and how he helped shape their music career. The electronic musical duo spills the beans on their collaboration with Bea Miller as well as teaching us some SWEDISH!

CAYE Talks Personal Style & Working with WIZ KHALIFA !!

Caye stopped by the Hollywire studio to talk about upcoming music and STEEL DRUMS. He spills the beans on working with Wiz Khalifa, and a potential tour together? Caye also shares his fashion and style preferences.


The Vamps stopped by HOLLYWIRE and explained how to create a VIBE when recording in the studio! They also describe their TYPE… 🙂

Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan visits the HOLLYWIRE studio to talk about his new album “Rich as in Spirit”. He told us that he would love to work with Rihanna. Rich Homie Quan is best known for his song Flex!


Bea Miller Stopped by the studio to chat about her new song ‘I Wanna Know.’ She also takes part in a HILARIOUS game explaining her funniest Instagram captions. Are you into her new song? Share your favourite Bea Miller moments in the comments!!


LAUREN SANDERSON talks Pride month, TANA MONGEAU, and how she got started on Youtube!


Saweetie stopped by the Hollywire studio to talk to us about her new EP ‘High Maintenance!’ The viral music sensation empties her FANNY PACK to share her on-the-go beauty secrets!


Ace Hood stopped by the HOLLYWIRE studio to chat about ‘Undefeated’ and share some insights into his health and fitness approach. The artist also explains his self development leading up to his 30th Birthday!


Sofia Reyes stopped by the Hollywire studio to discuss her music career and react to her own tweets!

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