PRETTYMUCH teaches us the ‘Harlem Shake.’ The guys talk dying their hair and eyebrows! The boys all call Simon Cowell, “uncle Simon” or “Godfather Simon Cowell.” Apparently, Simon Cowell comes in and gives them advise but ultimately let’s them run the ship. They talk “Summer On You” and how they had to wait to drop it in the summertime.

Joe Moses Talks “Back Goin Brazy,” Future, and LeBron James!

Joe Moses explains ‘going brazy.’ He tells us about putting together his song “Back Goin Brazy” and working with Future. Joe grew up in Los Angeles and dishes on how he helps the community with his music. Not only do we talk music but we also get into the Lakers, LeBron James, and Joe gives Lebron some advise!!

Whethan Made us Fall in SUPERLOVE!

Whethan’s newest music video, “Super Love” featuring Oh Wonder is out now! This 70’s inspired music video is electric! Combined with the song’s poppy vibes and avant garde imagery, we see inside the lives of several outlandish characters. And don’t forget about the evil vacuum cleaner and dog people. If that’s not enough to make you want to watch, we don’t know what is! 


Sophie Simmons talks about her song Paper Cut and how it’s about the little things that build up in a relationship. Her song Black Mirror was inspired by the show and how technology runs ours lives. Her parents, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed, are so honest with her about her performances, they never settle and know how great the show can be. She loves it and is encouraged by them!

JAMES MASLOW Gives us a SINGING TUTORIAL and Talks Dancing with the Stars !!

James Maslow stopped by the Hollywire studio to chat all things music and his new single ‘All Day.’ He serenaded us to his newest and amazing single. James got candid about his experience on Dancing with the Stars as well as his dating life and flirting over text.


PRETTYMUCH comes to the Hollywire studio to talk about their new single “Summer on You”. The boys also share what songs they have on their summer playlist, their love for extreme activities, and they help us come up with a name for our Hollywire fans! They should the the Hollywire team a new dance move! The members of Prettymuch are Zion Kuwonu, Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara.

Top 4 WEIRDEST Things about SKY KATZ !!

Sky Katz stopped by the Hollywire studio to share her weirdest moments, experiences and facts! Sky Katz is a young rapper who’s been seen on America’s Got Talent and the Disney show ‘Raven’s Home’. She shared some fun stuff from the weirdest thing she likes to do with friends to the weirdest pair of socks she owns

NOTD Dishes on Biggest Influences and Teach us SWEDISH !!

NOTD stopped by the Hollywire studio to chat about their music debut leading up to their success! They describe their relation to Avicii and how he helped shape their music career. The electronic musical duo spills the beans on their collaboration with Bea Miller as well as teaching us some SWEDISH!

CAYE Talks Personal Style & Working with WIZ KHALIFA !!

Caye stopped by the Hollywire studio to talk about upcoming music and STEEL DRUMS. He spills the beans on working with Wiz Khalifa, and a potential tour together? Caye also shares his fashion and style preferences.


Whethan stopped by the Hollywire’s studio to talk about his new music and going on tour with the Chainsmokers! The young DJ explains the meaning behind his music and his debut as a rapper!!! Whethan’s tour “Life of a Wallflower Tour” is going on till October, and trust us when we say you WON’T want to miss this one! Find out about some of the meaning behind his instagram pictures and meeting Mason Ramsey at Coachella!

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