Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan tells us everything about her ‘fat suit’ while working on “Insatiable.” She was a mascot in high school and says the outfit felt like a onesie. To Debby, insatiable means, an unfulfilled hunger that can take different forms depending on where we are at in our lives and who we surround ourselves with. Her favorite memory from the show is the whole show! She loved it all.

Emeraude Toubia

Emeraude Toubia fangirls over the TV show “Empire” on the Teen Choice pink carpet. She talks “Shadowhunters” and that the show is coming to an end. She loves the fans and hopes they continue her acting journey with her. She would give the “Shadowhunters” fans a win if there was a fan category at the TCA’s.

Katy Colloton And Katie O’Brien

Katy Colloton And Katie O’Brien dropped by the studio to chat about their show “Teachers.” Season 3 is wrapped and they celebrated by jumping into a pool, fully clothed, to celebrate. Tag the bear makes an appearacne in an episode, they could have been eaten at any moment! They tell all in a game, turns out Katy is the bigger flirt on set, while Katie is most likely to pass an exam.

Byron Mann

Byron Mann tells us about his action figure and talks “Street Fighter.” The movie was wrapped before filming was even done! It was one of the first video games to be made into a movie. “Skyscraper” with Dwayne Johnson was filmed in Vancouver not Hong Kong. He tells us, for “Altered Carbon” he keeps his shirt on and that it was a crazy shoot.


CJ Perry tells us about her first ladder match! She describes her first experience and spills all the details on how to get to the briefcase first. Although, some may have cheated their way to the top of the ladder, CJ was sure to crush her opponents during the fight. CJ gives us her tips on how she keeps her figure and looking amazing 365 days a year!


Sarah Jeffery tells use she has been vegan for two years and loves vegan beauty products. She’s also starring in the new TV reboot “Charmed”, filmed “Shades of Blue” with Jennifer Lopez, and Disney movie “Descendants 3.” She gushes about her amazing family, friends and how they keep her grounded.


Marc Summers dishes about the weirdest moments on “Double Dare!” He had to leave the studio because they were using dog food on the show and he hates the smell. His weirdest pair of socks are red Christmas socks that he wears every year. And the weirdest thing he’s ever eaten are chocolate covered crickets!


The hilarious and talented Jenn Lyon came to visit our Hollywire studio to talk all about her role on hilarious show Claws!!! Jenn shares some behind the scenes anecdotes including her experiences working with Niecy Nash. Jenn Lyon is known for her roles as Mackenzie Bradford-Lopez on Saint George and Lindsey Salazar on Justified. Claws is a show portraying the lives of manicurists at the Nail Artisan of Manatee County salon in South Florida. The cast also includes: Niecy Nash, Jenn Lyon, Carrie Preston, Karrueche Tran, Judy Reyes, Dean Norris, Harold Perrineau, and Jason Antoon.


Marc Summers PRAISES Liza Koshey for her amazing hosting skills on “Double Dare” and her new original series on Youtube called “Liza On Demand”. And about an OOPS moment that aired on the show…ending the interview with a “How Well Do You Know Nickelodeon” game where Marc completely dominates! Marc Summers is a TV Host returning to Nick’s show “Double Dare”. Double Dare is on Nickelodeon where teens battle it out to win prizes.


Lindsey Morgan Stopped by the Hollywire Studio to discuss her role as Raven Reyes on The 100. She compares herself to her character and describes her new gypsy lifestyle since shooting! She gets personal and shares about some of her dating pet peeves. Lindsey Morgan has previously been seen on General Hospital as well as the Flip Side.
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