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Betty Who discusses tour life, the Humidiflyer™, her new song, and tells us what exactly she’s craving!

Who is Betty Who you ask? She says, “short version of it is that I had written a song when I was 17, and I’d named it ‘Betty Who.'” She continues on to tell us about when she decided she wanted a stage name she circled back to her song she wrote when she was so young. Betty Who has been touring since the age of 19! Although we’ll never ask a lady her age, we can surmise that she’s been about that tour life for a while now! Betty says that she got signed while she was still in college in Boston, then she decided to move into a new apartment in New York. Then she immediately started touring. She continues, “I’m guessing I didn’t spend more than 3 weeks at a time in that apartment.”

Because Betty who is so accustom to tour life, she’s picked up a few healthy habits on the way. One of the things she’s come to love is the HumidiFlyer™. Betty says she was originally introduced to this product by one of her friends who is an opera singer. She says she loved to use it on planes because it filters out all of the stale airplane air and then you humidify yourself. Betty says that she has “a system” so that people don’t see her with it on since it’s crazy looking!

Lastly, Betty Who’s new single is called “Taste.” The song has to do with the concept of craving. So played a game with her because we had to know exactly what Betty Who is craving right now! However, you’ll just have to watch the video to see!

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