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Chelsea Alden from 13 Reasons Why shares her experience as a new cast member, spills the hot gossip on her awkward scene, and plays a HOLLYWIRE original game, Holly Reasons Why!

Chelsea Alden is one of the newest cast members on  13 Reasons Why. We  needed to know what the process was like for her being new to the already existing cast. Alden says, “I was really nervous. I loved the show ahead of time. I binged the whole season one before I was ever involved and I loved it. I thought they did a great job. The first day I walked in, everybody was like ‘Oh my god! You’re playing Mackenzie! You’re Chelsea! It’s so nice to meet you! Tell me all about yourself!’ It was kind of a dream experience to come into.”

We also needed a low down on which scene was most challenging to film for Chelsea Alden. For example, the movie theater scene with Devin comes to mind. “I would say we were both a little nervous about that. I’m pretty sure that was Devin’s first on screen kiss,” Alden says. But was it awkward? Chelsea tells us, “It was a little awkward. But not for the whole time. We’re both really good friends now at this point, and we’re both professional.”

Chelsea Alden also divulges that she’s a “big homebody.” She admits she would much rather stay home and watch Netflix in her pajamas and try to cook a new recipe than go out.

But the highlight of the interview? HOLLYWIRE’s Holly Reason’s Why Game! We wanted to know how Hollywood Chelsea Alden is by asking her if she’s done very Hollywood things! But you’ll have to watch to see!

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