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We caught up with LAUV after his performance at Wango Tango! LAUV mentions his love for the blue carpet and how it “matched his vibe.” Recently, the music sensation went on tour with Ed Sheeran! He said his tour, “was incredible” and “I’m actually going back out with [Sheeran] this fall in stadiums in the U.S along with my own tour dates. I’m really excited.”

We asked LAUV what his last text message with Sheeran was. He responded that Sheeran actually doesn’t have a phone! When having to make calls, Sheeran usually has to borrow his friend’s phone. He usually sticks to sending out emails on his iPad because he prefers to detach from technology.

When we asked LAUV what his favorite place to perform was he responded, “A lot of Asia has been some of my favorite places. Manilla, Tokyo, New York City, and Los Angeles.” He mentions that every time he plays at these places it’s “always incredible.”

Going back to how LAUV feels about the color blue, he recently posted an Instagram of him laying in a blue tub. He said a few of him and his friends just “got weird” and he’s “just been doing a bunch of blue paint stuff.”

LAUV did a stripped acoustic set at Wango Tango which he described as a “bunch of fun.” He was also able to get a nice tan.

A New York native, he says he’s not used to the sun or Hollywood. However, his favorite place to eat is in the valley called El Tejano. He likes it because it’s got “margaritas the size of your head and really good Mexican food!” But he also really likes sushi! Who doesn’t?

Thanks so much for catching up with us, LAUV!

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