7 Weird Trends You’re not Brave Enough to Try!

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Some weird trends are literally SO bizarre, and we bet you’re not brave enough to try them on a normal day! From nose hair extensions, to wavy brows, comment and tell us what you think of these weird trends!

1.) Wavy Brows

Wavy brows can be anything from painted waves onto your brows to a regular brow with a curvy take. What an unique way to wear your brows! We’re into it!

2.) Glitter Butts & Glitter Boobs

Just GLITTER. Make them shine. We see this trend a lot at festivals. It’s a great way to be naked without being naked. That is until you start to sweat, and your glitter starts to come off. So try your best to keep it cool when wearing this sparkly trend.

3.) Naked Jeans

It seems like these trends have a lot to do with being naked, but not at the same time! Additionally, they’re a great conversation starter. Who wouldn’t ask you about these jeans?

4.) Spiral Nails

If all else fails you can use them as a screwdriver? Need to hang some artwork? Spiral nails. Need to put some Ikea furniture together? Spiral nails.

5.) Nose Hair Extensions

Usually this is done with fake eyelashes, folded around and stuck into your nose with eyelash glue. just don’t sneeze or you’ll lose them.

6.) Neck Pillow

We think this neck pillow necklace is a weird trend we can get on board with. Think of the neck pillow you wear on a plane, now think of that as a necklace. Now think of all the extra naps you can fit in a day if you wore this? I think we’re sold.

7.) Bra Bag

A Bra Bag is like a fanny pack for your boobs. This is great if you don’t want to carry a purse. Think of all the extra lipstick, gum, and money you can carry.

Which one of these weird trends would you rock? Comment below and let us know!

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