Met Gala Red Carpet Looks

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What was the most BADASS dress at the Met Gala? The Met Gala is the biggest night of fashion all year and the theme was, “Heavenly Bodies, Fashion, and The Catholic Imagination.” Personally, we think that this was a tough Met Gala theme to work with but Rihanna, Frances McDormand, Katy Perry and Lena Waithe really nailed it!

1.) Francis McDormand

Francis McDormand wore a really cool, blue, out of this world outfit. She was adorned in a head piece that looked as if she had butterflies buzzing around her head. What is most impressive, though, is that McDormand said that she completed her look in just under five minutes. We know that Francis McDormand has a no effs given attitude so it doesn’t surprise us that she completed her look so quickly! She gave us serious Garden of Eden vibes.

2.) Katy Perry

Katy Perry totally latched onto the “Heavenly Bodies” aspect of the theme. Perry wore gigantic wings that were said to be so big she actually couldn’t get in the door! Perry had to turn sideways to get in through the museum doors because she couldn’t go straight in.

3.) Rihanna

Rihanna played up the Catholic Imagination theme in her pope inspired outfit. She was dripping in diamonds and looked stunning. We never thought we’d say this, but she was one sexy Pope!

4.) Lena Waithe

Lena wore a tuxedo with a rainbow cape which was a shout out to the LGBT community. A not only stunning look, but a brave take on the Catholic Imagination theme. The Catholic church has had a rocky history with the LGBT community. We think it was absolutely courageous of Waithe to call them out at such a huge event.

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