Has KANYE Ditched his Phone?

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Kayne West hasn’t been responding to his friends’ texts or calls for WEEKS and there’s a very specific reason why! On March 15th, Kanye tweeted, “for anyone whose tried to text or call me in the past 2 weeks I got rid of that phone so I could focus on these albums.” Kanye has been extremely busy working on new albums! He’s been recording Wyoming and ditches his phone so he’d have no distractions.

Apparently, his close friends and family have been trying to reach out to him for weeks. But we can’t decide how accurate that statement is being that he recently posted a tweet teasing his new album. The video that was tweeted was particularly special because it showed fans the titles of some of the songs of two different albums while Kanye bobbed his head to his music. Mysterious being that we don’t know which song he was playing! Can you take a guess?

Funny enough, Kanye said he only got his first phone back in 2011 so he could make fun of Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Chris Humphreys. Jealous much? Seems Kanye has been enamored with Kim Kardashian since the beginning! Well in the end Kanye didn’t win the battle but absolutely won the war! Especially since they’ve been together much longer than Kim and Chris were with an only 72-day marriage! While Kim and Kanye have been together since 2012 with three kids. Awww.

We’re definitely excited for Kanye’s new albums and can’t wait to here them!

Which song from the video are you most excited to hear? Comment below and let us know!

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