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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Find out who are our top 2 voted coolest celebrity moms and whether or not Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ is a masterpiece… Rhetorical question.. It is.

Donald Glover also known as Childish Gambino, recently released his music video for his song, “This is America” while he was hosting Saturday Night Live. The video deals with many serious issues such as racism, gun violence, and mass shootings. The video has amassed over 50 million views in just three days.

In other news, Mother’s Day is coming up and to celebrate the season we at HOLLYWIRE wanted to debate, “Who is the Coolest Celebrity Mom?” The decision was split down the middle between our two hosts. Eduardo argued that the coolest celebrity mom is Kris Jenner, while Diana argued that Victoria Beckham should wear the “cool mom” crown.

Eduardo says that Kris should be the winner because, “She is so intelligent, she is a “momager,” she has built a media empire for her children. I also like that she is very protective, she is very supportive and she’s nonjudgmental. I love that.” While Diana can agree that she also loves that Kris is nonjudgmental, she still prefers Victoria Beckham as cool mom of the year.

Diana says, “I really like Victoria Beckham because her kids are still superstars and they’re still doing great but she managed to do that behind the cameras. So I have respect for her.”

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