You Can Finally MUTE People on Instagram

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The day has finally come! You can now mute people on Instagram! Instagram’s new mute feature now allows you to silence those people you follow who you don’t want to see too much from!

Unfollowing someone on Instagram can be awkward, especially of they find out! We all know that unfollowing someone on social media doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t like them. (We mean, not always.) But sometimes you have friends or acquaintances who post too much, or maybe they post things you don’t care for.

Additionally, now you have the option to mute for only a little while if you choose to. In contrast, if you got tired of someone’s posts and didn’t want to see them all the time, you’d have to

So after years of begging and pleading, Instagram has finally given us the answer. Especially since Twitter had already given us their mute feature years ago in 2014!

So how do you mute people on Instagram? Just touch the “Menu” button on the top right corner of a post from the offending user, and tap Mute. Their posts will no longer show up in your feed, on top of that they won’t get an alert that you’ve  muted them. Instagram’s mute feature also works with Instagram stories. You can mute from the menu as well. While you’ll still get alerts when you’re tagged in the specific person’s posts or comments, not getting all the posts on your feed is still pretty great!


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