Madeleine Mantock

Madeleine Mantock plays ‘Macy Vaughn’ on the new CW “Charmed” reboot alongside, Sarah Jeffery and Melonie Diaz. She loves her cast and co-stars, they get to occasionally hangout offset and get dinner or have a girls night! Madeleine shares how she acts out her power on the show which is to move things. She adores working with Rupert Evans, she thinks he so funny and talented!

Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis has a hilarious piñata that he yells at on Snapchat named Jerald! He has a Spanish song out call ‘White Boi’ that he collaborated on with Lao Ra. Dillon is a huge fan of Taco Bell, he handed out Taco Bell to promote his show!! DJ Snake is French and there is no beef between the two! They love to prank each other!! The most famous person in his phone would be either, Josh Hutcherson or Calvin Harris!! Dillon has awesome merchandise on his website. Dillon’s birthday falls on October 5th which makes him a Libra. Check out his new album ‘Wut Wut.’

John Stamos

John Stamos tells us all about his character ‘Dr. Nicky’ from “You” on Lifetime. He plays a therapist who gets very involved in the lives of ‘Joe Goldberg’ played by Penn Badgley and ‘Guinevere Beck’ played by Elizabeth Lail. His character is very different than his his character ‘Uncle Jesse’ from “Fuller House.” He thinks people will be very fascinated by this show. He loved working with Penn and Elizabeth. Her was fascinated by Penn and thought he is a great actor!

Melonie Diaz

Melonie Diaz plays ‘Mel’ on the new reboot of “Charmed.” She didn’t like her power, to freeze time, at first but it grew on her. She is similar to her character because they’re both a little intense and what to save the world! She loves the Halloween episode because it was fun to film and the show is funny! She loves her co-stars, Sarah Jeffery and Madeleine Mantock, they get to hangout on Saturdays and go to dinner. They have a “Charmed” group chat over text. She’s in Los Angeles for the first time in a long time, so she’s going to hangout with her boyfriend! onscreen

Nia Sioux

Nia Sioux, from “Dance Moms” tells us her makeup favorites and least favorite products!! She loves lip gloss, highlighter, mascara, and fake lashes, but doesn’t love eyeliner. She loves making makeup videos and if she could collaborate with someone it would be James Charles or NikkieTutorials! She talks “Dance Moms” and how she had to beg to audition to be on the show, her mom let her audition and she booked it! She loves being on “The Bold And The Beautiful” and was offered a series regular role on the show. She feels that she is very similar to her B&B character! We also talk ‘FLXXN” and how she create the hit!


Music producer and DJ, Slushii shares with us his love for “Power Rangers” and he just got back from Japan! He is good friends with Marshmello and they both went to the premiere of “Bright” together starring Will Smith! Slushii’s favorite actor is Will Smith and he got to meet him. Slushii and Marshmello created electronic characters for electronic music. He crated the the name ‘Slushii’ while working at Best Buy! Slushii will be playing at Nocturnal Wonderland this weekend, September 14-15!! There will be a lot of dancing and fire on stage! He would get ‘plurnt’ with Travis Scott, he would want Tyler, the Creator on his ‘drop,’ would have a ‘shuffle off’ with Skrillex, and would share a ‘candy’ with Post Malone.

Emily Skinner

Emily Skinner says the weirdest thing in her room is a head from a barbie doll that her sister put there! The weirdest shirt she has is a teal shirt with grey stars, this is also her lucky shirt! Her family gave her the nickname ‘M Dog.’ She doesn’t like raw fish but her dad snuck in some sushi into her meal and she had no clue what it was! The weirdest fan encounter she’s had is an “Andi Mack” fan account that only posts pictures of the cast’s legs. The weirdest things she does with her friends is play ‘truth or dare.’

Niki & Gabi DeMartino

Niki DeMartino & Gabi DeMartino were bullied in middle school and needed to get closure 10 years later by making a YouTube video about it. Fans have been reacting in a positive way towards their videos and they want to see the real Niki & Gabi! They are coming out with ‘Twins Try’ series where they try new things! They love “The Jersey Shore” “Paris Hilton’s New BFF” or any MTV shows, like “Teen Mom.” They had to put their tour on hold but fans were supportive of this! Niki has made a ‘truth series’ that touches on mental heath issues. Gabi has her “Blood Queens” modeled after the hit show “Scream Queens” which stars Emma Roberts. Season 2 is coming out and there is a new character!! Gabi was the first to take music seriously as a career!

Christian Isaiah

Christian Isaiah plays ‘Liam’ in the hit Showtime series “Shameless” which is on it’s 9th season! The wrap party for season 8 was held at William H. Macy’s home. William has chickens as pets at his house! Christian’s favorite scene was a scene filmed at 5am, it was freezing outside, and he had to act as if he was sleepwalking!! He thinks Shanola Hampton is the funniest person on the set, she’ll crack you up even during very easy call times. He hangout with Ethan Cutkosky (Carl Gallagher) the most while on set. They always mess around and play pranks on other people. Christian is definitely the biggest prankster on set! Christian would rather play for the Dallas Cowboys over the Dallas Mavericks!

Amanda Grace Benitez

Amanda Grace Benitez stars in “The F* It List” by Awesomeness Films and Universal; which also stars Jerry O’Connell and Madison Iseman. She would say F it to caring about what people think, morning routines, work, and traffic! She also stars in the 80’s horror throw back film “The Ranger.” She loved filming on this set! Amanda got to have input on her outfit, she felt her character would have a diy outfit. And we played a game of rapid fire questions!

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