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TESSA BROOKS Teases Upcoming Tour & Dream Car Details !!

We caught up with the lovely and beautiful Tessa Brooks on the Beautycon pink carpet! The youtube sensations talks about the upcoming Girls Night in Tour! She also shares some realness about the beauty and social media industry as well as her best beauty hacks! Tessa Brooks rocked a pair of mini sunglasses indoors and we were living for it (and her entire Dior outfit) !! Should we say best dressed?


Bretman Rock walked the Beautycon carpet in the BEST outfit we have seen that day! In a karate themed kimono, Bretman shares the things that keep him real in the world of glam and social media. The Instagram sensation also gives an insight into his creation if he were to meet Kim Kardashian West, who was also present at the event. Beautycon 2018 took place in downtown LA. Some guests that day included Kim Kardashian West, Tessa Brooks, Nikita Dragun, amongst others.

Top 4 WEIRDEST Things about SKY KATZ !!

Sky Katz stopped by the Hollywire studio to share her weirdest moments, experiences and facts! Sky Katz is a young rapper who’s been seen on America’s Got Talent and the Disney show ‘Raven’s Home’. She shared some fun stuff from the weirdest thing she likes to do with friends to the weirdest pair of socks she owns

NOTD Dishes on Biggest Influences and Teach us SWEDISH !!

NOTD stopped by the Hollywire studio to chat about their music debut leading up to their success! They describe their relation to Avicii and how he helped shape their music career. The electronic musical duo spills the beans on their collaboration with Bea Miller as well as teaching us some SWEDISH!

CAYE Talks Personal Style & Working with WIZ KHALIFA !!

Caye stopped by the Hollywire studio to talk about upcoming music and STEEL DRUMS. He spills the beans on working with Wiz Khalifa, and a potential tour together? Caye also shares his fashion and style preferences.

Timothy Granaderos

Timothy Granaderos plays Montgomery on Netflix’s tv show 13 Reasons Why Star visits the HOLLYWIRE studio. 13 Reasons Why has just wrapped season 2 and we already can’t wait for season 3! His character ‘Monty’ on 13 Reasons Why is portrayed as a villain. Tim admits to being an emotional guy and enjoys cleaning his house. During the interview, he shares a CRAZY fan encounter!!


The Vamps stopped by HOLLYWIRE and explained how to create a VIBE when recording in the studio! They also describe their TYPE… 🙂

Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan visits the HOLLYWIRE studio to talk about his new album “Rich as in Spirit”. He told us that he would love to work with Rihanna. Rich Homie Quan is best known for his song Flex!

DEMI LOVATO Spotted with G-EAZY ?!

Demi Lovato may have been spotted with G-Eazy this Saturday! After 6 years of sobriety, she famously relapsed… She expressed the latter in her song ‘sober.’ Watch the video and images for evidence. What are your thoughts on this? Could you see Demi and G-Eazy being an item?

TAYLOR SWIFT Gets TRAPPED Mid Concert and Saves the Show !!

Taylor Swift can get through just about anything! What happened this Saturday truly put that whole notion to the test… Taylor Swift got Trapped mid performance during her concert in Philadelphia and this is what happened… Was the latest challenge just too much for her to bear or did she CRUSH it? Let us know in the comments!

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