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Timothy Granaderos, Devin Druid, and Justin Prentice from 13 Reasons Why let us in on some of the casts’ inside jokes on the Wango Tango blue carpet! Devin Druid takes the lead and informs HOLLYWIRE that there are a lot of Brandons in the 13 Reasons Why cast. There’s Brandon Flynn who plays Justin Foley, Brandon Larracuente who plays Jeff Atkins, and Brandon Butler who plays the newest character on the show, Scott. Not only that but the 13 Reasons Why cast has another “Butler” on the set. Zach Dempsey is played by Ross Butler. And while that may be a lot, the cast has a way for each person to stand out with their own nickname. Druid lets HOLLYWIRE into the inner circle and tells us one of the nicknames of the cast members. The inside joke is that they refer to Brandon Butler as “B-Butt.”

The 13 Reasons Why cast also informs us about how much they relate to their characters on the show. Druid says, “as an actor, one of the things you have to do is find the similarities in your character and with yourself to give the most truthful and honest performance. So with me, Tyler is someone who is very obsessive compulsive and socially isolated. I’m someone who is very awkward and socially isolated and has dealt with depression. So those are things I could find myself in.” However he also says, “But I also grew up playing lacrosse and hockey so I can also relate to the jocks. You have to find the differences to be able to separate yourself at the end of the day.’

Granaderos says, “Montgomery is an athlete so I can relate to that.” But he also says, “My character is a bit of a bully. I don’t think Tim would ever do that and you have to kind of find the foundation as to why your character would do that.”

We had so much fun at Wango Tango interviewing the cast of 13 Reasons Why! We hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes look!

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