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Millie Bobby Brown In TEARS During Instagram Story About End Of Stranger Things Season 3

Taking to Instagram, Millie Bobby Brown let us know how sad she is about not getting to spend every day with her Stranger Things family anymore. In an Instagram story she wrote quote, ‘Last day of shooting for Stranger things 3” as she rode in a car towards the set looking quite sad. Stranger Things has been a standout show since it’s debut and we all love the cast, it’s no wonder why she would be in tears. But, while Millie’s sad the filming has come to a close, we’re excited because that means we have new Netflix content to binge watch coming soon. Still though, Millie is so sweet and we love seeing how much she values making this show for us all! She also added to the video saying quote, “I will cry all day fyi.” Then she shouted out some of her cast mates telling Sadie Sink quote, “I can’t say goodbye” and to Noah Schnapp she said quote, “This is not ok.”

Bella Hadid CLAPS BACK At Haters & Internet Trolls About Her Weight In Sexy Instagram Pic

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is right around the corner and we are all anxiously waiting to hear who will be walking down that star studded runway this year. And now we know that at least one confirmed model for the iconic night is none other than drop dead gorgeous Bella Hadid! Bella shared the news of her accomplishment by posting a series of sexy shots of her on Instagram. In them, she posed in black lingerie and tall snake skin boots. After Bellz posted the pics, haters came at her, calling her too skinny and shaming her for her weight.

Ariana Grande’s fiancé Pete Davidson DELETES all his Instagram posts!

Ariana Grande posted a sweet picture of her and her late grandfather on Sunday, with the caption, “miss and love you forever my best friend.” Pete Davidson commented on this post with “omg what a cutie.” Fans were quick to comment back after his, some saying “unnecessary af” “wrong timing wtf” and “leave.” Davidson clapped back with, “are you guys all insane? I was talking about how cute her grandpa is. What’s wrong with that? You guys will really look for anything to attack people. It’s sad.” Ouch…Pete coming in hot with some truth!

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN Claps Back at Instagram TROLL!!!

We live in the age of internet trolling, but one troll just messed with the wrong momma. While living her best live in Italy, Kourtney Kardashian’s parenting was called into question on Instagram. And let’s just say her clap back left a mark. I’m Ashley and you’re watching Hot on Hollywire. Kourtney has been on the most epic vacation of my life, with her 3 kids and hot younger boyfriend. They’ve been yachting, posting amazing insta pics and eating all of the gluten! But, Kourtney was mom-shamed after posting a picture of herself with the caption, “just finished my daily basket of focaccia… how bout you?” The troll, putting their nose where it doesn’t belong, commented, “where are your kids?” Kourtney came back saying “my son was taking the photo, and the other two were sitting at a table across from me. Thank you so much for your concern.” And just for good measure, she posted another picture of just herself with an empty bowl of focaccia that Penelope took of her. Take that troll! What’s the right way to deal with trolls on social media? Do you engage or do you ignore? And, do you think Kourtney handled the situation right? – – I want to hear all your thoughts on Kourtney, her trip, and – of course – her clap back! Leave your comments below so I can read them all while I eat a bowl of focaccia. Make sure to subscribe and be the first to find out whats Hot on Hollywire!

You Can Finally MUTE People on Instagram

Have you heard about the new Instagram feature? How do you feel about it?

CARDI B Deletes Her Instagram Because of Azealia Banks?

CARDI B Deletes Her Instagram because of Azealia Banks?

Emily Skinner and Lilia Buckingham

Emily Skinner and Lilia Buckingham came by the Hollywire studio to do a live instagram story about their new song ‘Denim Jacket!’ Lilia and Emily talked about their music video that they filmed together, how the song came to be, and more! They also got to chat with their fans, live! Fans tuned in and were brought into the conversation to ask their burning questions. You don’t want to miss these two discuss their music and play Hollywords with each other and a few of their lucky fans!

Ryan Eggold

We chat with Ryan Eggold at the People’s Choice Awards. He stars in the new show New Amsterdam as Dr. Max Goodwin alongside Janet Montgomery and Freema Agyeman. He is grateful to have such amazing writers and actual doctors on set to help him pronounce difficult hospital jargon and conduct procedures! He has amazing fans who love the show!

Kailee Morgue

Kailee Morgue hangouts in the Hollywire studio with Ashley Brinkman to chat about music! Her song Siren has an amazing music video that Kailee directed! She had to get into water and the water was freezing, she said. The song is about indulging in guilty pleasures and it accidentally developed a mythological feel, similar to Medusa. Her hair was green, not necessarily for Medusa but it fit. She ended up cutting her hair short and dying it pink so that the focus would be more on her music not her green hair. She has a lot of tattoo’s, her dad owned a tattoo shop when she was growing up. She said most of the tattoo’s she has she got on an impulse. Kailee also opens up about studying witchcraft and how she got into crystal healing.

Newlyweds Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Have Moved To Canada

Every newly married couple takes their time to settle into new life, and it looks like newlyweds Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are no different. Justin and Hailey’s romance has been an absolute whirlwind, so it makes complete sense that the young couple has decided to take their relationship one step further and moved out of the country together. Mr. & Mrs. Bieber has decided to settle down in Justin’s home country, Canada after getting married, rather than the U.S., which is where they were living before.
According to the Us Weekly, newlyweds are full-time now living in Waterloo, Ontario. Justin Bieber has a massive home up there — 9,000 square feet, 1,000 acres, on a lake with four bedrooms and six bathrooms, as well as a three-car garage and a separate boathouse. There is also a movie theatre and three fireplaces, inside the house.
Last week, the loved-up couple reportedly spent their first Thanksgiving at their new home and Bieber’s father Jeremy Bieber, mother Pattie Mallette, and Hailey’s father Stephen Baldwin were all at their residence to celebrate the holiday according to a report.
Justin Bieber wrote on Instagram “Happy late Thanksgiving to everyone”. “First Thanksgiving as a married man, first time hosting Thanksgiving. First time both sides of the family have come together.”
After the celebrations, the lovebirds Mr. & Mrs. Bieber were also spotted in the stands at a Toronto Maple Leafs game in Toronto, wearing matching Mr. and Mrs. Bieber jerseys.

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