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Everything You Must Know About Harley Quinn Smith – Latest Hollywood’s Celebrity News

The actress and daughter of actor Kevin Smith, Harley Quinn Smith is well-known for her movies Tusk and Yoga Hosers. This latest Hollywood’s celebrity news is all about the least known facts about the 19 years old actress. Here we go –

Harley started out as an actress at the age of 2 alongside her parents Kevin Smith and Jennifer Schwalbach Smith in the movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. She continued with movies such as Jersey Girl (2004) and Clerks II (2006) directed by her father.

She is doing wonderfully well in the movies with support of her dad, but Harley wanted to be a professional bass guitarist. Her passion and love can be seen, however, for acting now.

The actress who grew up with a dream of becoming a bass guitarist was once a hardcore emo. She loved being a dark personality and used to put up dark make up and wore shirts that didn’t fit.

Harley Quinn Smith is a vegan and is really concerned for the rights of animals. She even prides to stand for those who feel or are weaker. 

Top Hollywood’s celebrity interview performed recently at Hollywire Studio lets out some compelling facts about her life and career.

The young actress reveals that she had an awkward fan moment at Disneyland. She talked about her fave pet which is a bunny. Not just this, but she also told what it’s like working with and being directed by her dad. It would be a great deal if you miss watching her. Click here for the fun interview!


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