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Zedd Gushes Over Ellie Goudling & Reveals Nerdiest Obsession!

On the red carpet for Wango Tango 2014, Zedd chatted all about his experiences working with one of our favorites, Ellie Goulding. He discussed how he never truly knows what songs will be a hit, commenting that he just makes music that he loves. Zedd also revealed his nerdiest obsession and let me tell you, it is indeed quite nerdy!

Ed Sheeran Confirms Demi Lovato Collab & Dances On Red Carpet!

Ed Sheeran Confirms Demi Lovato Collab & Dances On Red Carpet!

We caught up with the amazing and super talented Ed Sheeran at Wango Tango 2014!

Ed shared his love for Hollywire by doing our famous clock and also shared some amazing details about his new album multiply.

He also talked about some his more recent collaborations, like usher, and gave us a hint a possible Demi collab in the future.


We chatted with James Maslow on the 2018 Wango Tango Blue Carpet. The singer / songwriter dishes on flirting over text, workout tips and new music!


Katherine McNamara plays tango, macarena or fist pump on the 2018 Wango Tango Blue Carpet! The Shadowhunter actress also shares her most Hollywood moment!


We bumped into RHOB Teddi Mellencamp at the 2018 Wango Tango Blue Carpet! The Real Housewives accountability coach shares some of her summer wellness tips as well as talking about the Housewives finale!


We caught up with Bryce Vine at the Wango Tango Blue Carpet. He explains the meaning behind his song ‘Drew Barrymore,’ crowd surfing at a concert and most Hollywood moments!


We caught up with LAUV after his performance at Wango Tango! The music sensation talks about touring with Ed Sheeran (and the fact that he doesn’t have a phone) as well as other fun facts!


Sabrina Carpenter teaches some of her choreography moves as she premieres ‘Almost Love’ at Wango Tango!


Timothy Granaderos, Devin Druid and Justin Prentice from ’13 Reasons Why ‘share inside jokes on the Wango Tango blue carpet!

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