We usually don’t know celebrities beyond their social media profiles! Get a chance to know celebrities closely. From their personal life to their best and worst working experience, Hollywire brings out a lot of new stories. When you like and love your favorite celebrities so much, their choices do matter. Explore here the world of celebrities with top Hollywood’s celebrity interviews!


Njomza is in the Hollywire studio to chat all about her life and career!! She breakdown the day Ariana Grande bought all her best girlfriends diamond engagement rings! They had an amazing day at Tiffany’s and continued the day into the studio and created the song 7 Rings. We also talk about her relationship with Mac Miller. He was her mentor since she was 17 years old. She learned so much from him and he even helped her write songs like, Sad For You. Njomza says he is the kind of person you just want to be around.

Coy Stewart

Coy Stewart is in the Hollywire studio to chat about this career and life! Coy recently put out his album “Everybody’s Got One,” it’s a must listen to album! He also stars on the show “The Blacklist” as Vontae Jones. You can also find him on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and the highly anticipated show, “Mr. Inglesias” alongside Gabriel Iglesias!

Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson stars in the new series “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists” as Ava Jalali. She just released a song with Galantis called ‘San Francisco.’ Sofia is good friends with Bebe Rexha. Bebe hosted the Woman in Harmony event. Finally, she loves working out and eating a healthy diet.


We spoke to Brandon Arreaga, Zion Kuwonu, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, and Nick Mara on the Spotify carpet. The guys make up the boy band PRETTYMUCH. Their fans have sent them Postmates to their house! The guys all decide what they put on their merchandise.

Lele Pons

We catch up with Lele Pons! She tells us what the experience is like making a video for Instagram. She also just hosted The Voice Mexico! Lele just released her song Celoso and says it means a jealous guy.

Lyric Ross

Lyric Ross is in the Hollywire to talk all things “This is Us” !! She plays the role of Deja on the show. We play Hollywords and find out all of Lyric’s nicknames and her favorite place to travel! Lyric reveals that she hadn’t watched the show until she booked the role of Deja. Her and Sterling Brown have gotten so close while working on the show, we love to hear that!

Tiffany Young

Tiffany Young is at the Hollywire studio playing Hollyweird!! She shows us the weirdest thing in her purse! Also, the weirdest/coolest fan art she’s gotten, the weirdest thing she’s ever eaten.

Ella Gross

Ella Gross is in the Hollywire studio to chat all about her TV and modeling career! She had an amazing time on the set of “Heathers” because she got to film with her actual friend! There was a girl on set who had to play fake dead and Ella had to scream multiple times that day! She is also on “Malibu Rescue!” She loves to meet new people and try on all the clothes when modeling.

Carson Lueders

Carson Lueders sings and reveals info on his new song “Make You Laugh” in this Hollywire interview! He tells us all about the “Make You Laugh” music video, how long he has been playing music for, and show his last text message! Thanks for joining us for the interview, Carson Lueders!

Shannon Purser


Shannon Purser is in the Hollywire studio playing Hollyweird! She tells us the weirdest thing she had to do on set was thumb wrestle Adam Sandler! She had a very weird fan encounter, a weird habit of talking to herself, and she tells us about the weirdest socks she owns. Her and Joey King give each other weird, but cute, nicknames!

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