We usually don’t know celebrities beyond their social media profiles! Get a chance to know celebrities closely. From their personal life to their best and worst working experience, Hollywire brings out a lot of new stories. When you like and love your favorite celebrities so much, their choices do matter. Explore here the world of celebrities with top Hollywood’s celebrity interviews!

Bethany Joy Lenz

Bethany Joy Lenz is in the studio with Jana Rosenberg to talk all things “Pearson”, her new show on USA. Joy talks to us about her character and the what the experience working on the show is like. Aside of “Pearson”, she’s currently writing a musical based on the tribal history of Pocahontas. Aside from what’s current in BJL’s career, it wouldn’t a true interview if we didn’t discuss her “One Tree Hill” days. Joy talks about the difficult transition within her career and personal life post OTH. Bethany Joy Lenz is an American actress and singer-songwriter from Hollywood, Florida. Lenz got her start as a child acting in a doll commercial. She continued to book steady commercial and broadway work. By her sophomore year in high school she landed a role in the Stephen King film, Thinner. Lenz landed her most notable role One Tree Hill as “Haley James Scott”. The show went on to be extremely popular and ran for nine seasons. After the final season, Bethany continued acting in recurring roles on various films and television shows including Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Along with acting, Lenz writes her own music and plays the guitar and piano. She released her first album, Preincarnate, in 2002. She now has multiple albums and has even performed music in the musical CATS. Bethany currently plays the role of “Keri Allen” on Pearson, a new political drama television series about an attorney who enters the corrupt world of Chicago politics. Check out the show, Wednesdays on the USA Network.

Pandora Cast

The cast of Pandora stopped by our Hollywire x Holonis Comic Con party in San Diego! Tony Moras chats with Priscilla Quintana, Oliver Dench, John Harlan Kim, Johann Urb and Tehmina Sunny. The cast is spilling season 1 details of the highly anticipated CW TV series. This cast is not only beautiful, but also HILARIOUS! We got the tea on the cast on and off screen. You don’t want to miss it! Pandora is a new television series set in the future. A young woman who has lost everything, starts a new life at a space training academy and has to defend the galaxy. The science fiction series aired July 16 on The CW. Pandora stars Priscilla Quintana, Oliver Dench, Johann Urb, Noah Huntley, Tehmina Sunny, John Harlan Kim and more. Stars of the show may be unfamiliar to you now, but trust us when we say there is some serious star power in this show. Soon you’ll see them in more beyond this highly anticipated TV series.

Impractical Jokers – James Murray and Joe Gatto

Impractical Jokers James “Murr” Murray and Joe Gatto are with our Jana Rosenberg at Entertainment Weekly’s Comic Con Bash. The hilarious two talk to us about the 200th episode of Impractical Jokers and how they keep it fresh and new each season. They spill on the most difficult joke they had to pull off and 3 celebrities that they’d love to have on the show. We love James, Joe and the rest of the Impractical Joker crew!

James “Murr” Murray is a Staten Island native. He’s been a comedian for more than decade and a star on “Impractical Jokers” for 8 seasons. He’s known to be the cool and calculated, analyzing every challenge to find the easiest path to victory.

Joe Gatto is also a Staten Island native. He is the “Impractical Jokers” cast member known for being the most eager to take on all of his challenges. Joe is loud and in-your-face Goofy. He never fails to make everyone laugh and he is totally the life of the party.

Chloe Bennet and Jeff Ward

Chloe Bennet and Jeff Ward are chatting all things “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” with Jana Rosenberg at Comic Con in San Diego. The show will conclude after its 8th season. Chloe and Jeff discuss why this show is one of Marvel’s most special series to hit TV screens as well as what’s next for the two. For Chloe, it’s the big screen in a feature film coming soon!

Chloe Bennet is best know for the ABC Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Chloe was born Chloe Wang in Chicago, Illinois. Her father is Han Chinese and her mother is Caucasian American. At 15, she moved to China to pursue a singing career under her birth name, Chloe Wang until she changed to her stage name to Chloe Bennet upon becoming an actress.

Jeff Ward is an American actor best known for his roles as Charles Manson in Manson’s Lost Girls in 2016, Seth Marlowe in Channel Zero: No-End House in 2017, and most recently Deke Shaw in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone is the Hollywire studio with Jana Rosenberg talking all things NEW music and his performance at Arthur Ashe Kids Day in NYC! Austin talks about the love interest in his music video for his new song “Dancing With Nobody” as well as the music he has in the pipeline. We also discuss how his modeling career has had quite the takeoff since his rise to fame. Plus, Austin plays a special version of “Noggins’ Up”. Don’t miss it only on Hollywire! Austin Mahone was born and bred in San Antonio, Texas. However now, you can find him in the 305 or Venice Beach. The 23-year-old began his career in 2010 by posting videos on YouTube. He performed covers and made music videos that earned him a significant following. Two years later, Mahone released his first single, “11:11”. He then joined Taylor Swift’s Red Tour back in 2013 and his crazed “Mahomies” have been crazier than ever for Austin ever since. In 2013, Mahone released “What About Love”, a song that helped him win MTV’s Artists to Watch at the MTV Video Music Awards. This award, amongst being a total heartthrob launched him to super fame. He now not only makes music, but he has modeled for various high end fashion brands, such as Moschino. Today, Austin is currently touring his extremely successful catalog with dates in America, Japan, Spain, and more. Check out his most recent single “Dancing with Nobody”, which has more than a million views on Youtube.

Luh Kel

Luh Kel stopped by the Hollywire studio to chat with Tony Moras and Jana Rosenberg on this weeks episode of our BEHIND THE FAME podcast. The rising star/rapper has A LOT to spill about the journey he is on. Plus, his take on romantic relationships in the limelight, the fans, his style and even the millennial pop king, Justin Bieber. Yup, you heard it here first… Luh Kel is a BIG JB fan. When it comes to relationships, Luh Kel is currently single. His relationship status makes sense since he recently dropped his hit single “Wrong” about how his last romance went just that. Luh Kel spills on what and who that song is inspired by. Also how it became the massive success it is today. He also reveals what he looks for in a relationship and more. We can’t wait to hear more music from Luh Kel soon! Luh Kel, also known as Turran Coleman, is a seventeen year old musician. Coleman born and bred in St. Louis, MO and is the middle child of three. His whole life he’s been pursuing music. At age fourteen, Kel joined R&B boy band ProjecX. As lead vocalist of the group, he and the other three members did performances all over Missouri and quickly began picking up steam. Turran made rap videos on Instagram that garnered enough attention to earn him more than one million followers. Now a solo act, Luh Kel has risen to fame with his hit song “Wrong”. The song already holds 48 million views already on Youtube and 50 million plays on Spotify.

GiaNina Paolantonio

GiaNina Paolantonio is in the Hollywire studio with Tony Moras! We catch up with GiaNina about all things career. Not only is she a dancer, but she is an actress AND singer. Yes, GiaNina a true triple threat – young Jennifer Lopez if you ask us. We chat with the rising star about her future goals, her time on Season 8 of the beloved show “Dance Moms” and more. We also play “Finish That Phrase” and Rapid Fire Fan Questions!! Plus, don’t miss her amazing dance moves right here only on Hollywire.

GiaNina Paolantonio is a triple threat. She is an actress, singer and dancer from New Jersey. GiaNina made her broadway debut starring as Amanda Thripp in Matilda the Musical back in 2005. GiaNina has won many dance titles ranging from Little Miss Starbound to Miss Petite Dancers Inc. in 2012. Since GiaNina begun her dance career at such a young age, she’s been able to showcase her dance moves on the big stage alongside Mariah Carey at the NBC Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting in 2014 and again on the “All I Want For Christmas Is You” tour in 2017. Later on, GiaNina made an on-screen appearance as a ballerina for the film, “The Greatest Showman” in 2017. Not to mention, she also guest starred for Nickelodeon’s Lip Sync Battle Shorties earlier in 2016. With her well acclaimed resume in dancing, it’s no wonder she’d be picked for Dance Moms, Season 8 in 2019. Her accolades place her with numerous 1st place awards, most of which you can see on Season 8 of the show. GiaNina is also building her stardom on social media with over 157K followers on Instagram and 29K subscribers on YouTube. There, you can find all of her vlogs and dance videos.

Kristen Bell and William Jackson Harper

Jana Rosenberg chats with Kristen Bell and “The Good Place” co-star William Jackson Harper at Comic Con in San Diego! In case you’ve yet to watch this feel-good comedy, it’s about what the after-life is possibly like in actual heaven. However, some things go a little funky along the way. The show will conclude after it’s fourth season, so Jana talks to the Kristen and William about why and how the “The Good Place” set is actually such a good place to be. Watch our interview to see why!

Kristen Bell is an American actress and singer, born and raised in Huntington Woods, Michigan. She began her career at a young age starring in newspaper advertisements and television commercials. She then went on to be in productions while attending New York University Tisch School of the Arts. In 2004, Bell appeared in Lifetime’s television film, Gracie’s Choice, to which sky rocketed her career and landed her the role in the television show Veronica Mars (2004). In 2013, Bell ventured into her singing career as the voice of the main character, Princess Anna, in the Walt Disney film, Frozen (2013).

William Jackson Harper is an American actor born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Harper graduated from Santa Fe University of Art and Design. To which he later moved to New York City to fulfill his dreams of acting. Harper’s first on screen appearance was on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. William later landed the role playing, Danny Rebus, in the comedy series The Electric Company (2011). Before contemplating giving up on acting, Harper was then casted and critically praised for the role of Chidi Anagonye in the NBC series, The Good Place (2016), whom portrays an anxious, indecisive philosophy professor.

Andy Samberg & Melissa Fumero

Jana Rosenberg is with Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero at the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Comic Con press line in San Diego! Jana gets the tea from the co-stars on what laws they were breaking as teenagers, how they relate to their characters on the show and who some of their favorite guest stars have been on set. Plus, Andy fan-boys over Sean Astin and Melissa reveals that she a stretch for every muscle. Don’t miss it!

Andy Samberg is a writer, producer, actor and comedian. He’s starred in several films including “Hot Rod”, “I Love You Man”, “That’s My Boy” and more. Aside from successfully being cast on “Saturday Night Live”, you also probably know him from the music group “The Lonely Island” for the hilarious song “I’m On A Boat”. Andy now stars on NBC sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” alongside Melissa Fumero and Terry Crews.

Melissa Fumero is an actress and director. She is most know for playing Adriana Cramer on “One Life To Live” and Amy Santiago on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Melissa was born and raised in New Jersey before moving to New York at 19 for college at NYU. She made her big screen debut in 2009 in the independent film “Tiny Dancer”. Melissa also appeared on the hit TV series “Gossip Girl” as one of Blaire Waldorf’s minions in the earlier seasons the the show.

Andrea Russett

Andrea Russett is at VidCon with Tony Moras!! The hilarious Andrea talks to us about how VidCon is not only an event, but now a worldwide phenomenon and how she feels very happy to be part of it each year. After all, Andrea is one of the few that has paved the way for YouTube stars today. We get the deets on her new show “How To Survive A Breakup”. She also talks about how she has ACTUALLY survived her own breakups IRL. More to come for Andrea? Possibly standup comedy but DEFINITELY music!! We love Andrea and can’t wait to see everything she accomplishes in the future.

In 2009, Andrea Russett took the content creation world by storm. She actually began broadcasting on YouTube because of the one and only and Justin Bieber. She created a music video entry for a contest to meet Justin. Although she didn’t win, her entry went viral and launches her career. Since then, she’s been a radio host in Indiana and acted in various movies. She’s made multiple appearances at VidCon and we are so happy we bumped into her this year!

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