Conor Leslie

Titans’ Conor Leslie hangouts in the Hollywire studio to chat all things life and career! Conor plays Wonder Girl on the show and absolutely loves the character. She likes that Wonder Girl and Donna Troy work together as a unit and have many similarities. She also loves photography and usually takes pictures, while roaming the city streets, of people. We play Hollywords with Conor and find out that she loves Captin Crunch cereal, she’s an introvert/extrovert hybrid, and she only eats pizza from New York City!

Alex Aiono

Alex Aiono comes by the Hollywire studio to chat about his career and life! He is a part of the Radio Disney family and he just got done with his tour. The ‘Feels Like’ tour is Alex’s first headliner tour and it went incredibly well! He absolutely loves his fans and performing for them. Alex says, that he’s letting life take him where he should be in regards to his dating life and that his family has to like the girl he’s dating otherwise, without fail, the relationship will turn sour! He is very close with his family and the girl he dates need to get along with them as well. We play Hollywords with Alex and he tells us his annoying habit, his alter ego, and his last meal (which was Sugarfish).

Maddie Ziegler

Maddie Ziegler is a dancer, actress, and singer. She feels dancing in Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ music video was when fans got to see another side of herself. She had a low-key birthday party with close friends and received an amazing gift from Sia, a Audi! She was just on the Hollywood Reporters top 30 stars under 18 list! We play emotional tweet with Maddie and she picks Sia and Mackenzie Ziegler’s tweets

Ryan Eggold

We chat with Ryan Eggold at the People’s Choice Awards. He stars in the new show New Amsterdam as Dr. Max Goodwin alongside Janet Montgomery and Freema Agyeman. He is grateful to have such amazing writers and actual doctors on set to help him pronounce difficult hospital jargon and conduct procedures! He has amazing fans who love the show!

Maddie Simpson

Maddie Simpson came by the Hollywire studio to chat with Ashley Brinkman about her career! Her hit ‘Woulda Never’ is out and she says has a 1990’s retro vibe. The music video is filmed on a film camera and gives it a vintage, retro stylized look. The song is about a personal experience that she went through. Artists who inspire her are Whitney Houston, she even worked with the producer Harvey Mason Jr. who worked with Whitney and Justin Timberlake. Also, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Jennifer Lopez, James Brown and Bruno Mars. She met Jennifer Lopez after JLo’s show in Las Vegas. They also have the same vocal coach, Stevie Mackie.

Kailee Morgue

Kailee Morgue hangouts in the Hollywire studio with Ashley Brinkman to chat about music! Her song Siren has an amazing music video that Kailee directed! She had to get into water and the water was freezing, she said. The song is about indulging in guilty pleasures and it accidentally developed a mythological feel, similar to Medusa. Her hair was green, not necessarily for Medusa but it fit. She ended up cutting her hair short and dying it pink so that the focus would be more on her music not her green hair. She has a lot of tattoo’s, her dad owned a tattoo shop when she was growing up. She said most of the tattoo’s she has she got on an impulse. Kailee also opens up about studying witchcraft and how she got into crystal healing.


Cyn drops by the Hollywire studio to perform her song “I’ll Still Have Me” and chat about her career with Ashley Brinkman. She was discovered by Katy Perry while she was in college. She had a lot of music on Sound Cloud. Katy’s friend DJ Skeet Skeet introduced her music to her. Then, Perry had her perform for her in her living room. She discovered her singing ability at 8 years old by singing for her neighborhood friends. She had a lot of input for the music video “I’ll Still Have Me.” The song is based off of her own breakup with a boyfriend. Katy’s label Unsub Records signs Cyn!


DVBBS drops by the Hollywire studio to talk life and music! These brothers, Alex van den Hoef and Chris van den Hoef, started out by getting into playing the guitar and drums. But, before that, they played soccer and thought they would pursue that professionally. Fast forward, their song Tsunami drops and catapults their career. They are working with artists like Blackbear, Lil Xan, and Kiiara. They headline some of the biggest stages on earth! Tomorrowland is most memorable to them because they performed Gold Skies for the first time and the crowd was singing it back to them. Alex and Chris reveal a hilarious cooking disaster story and who took their shirt off first at a show!


Blackbear and Tony Moras talk all things career and favorite things. His favorite movie growing up is “Space Jam” which starred Michael Jordan. There is a new “Space Jam” coming out which will star LaBron James. Blackbear has Michael Jordan’s jersey number, 23, tattooed on his arm and he got it on his 23rd birthday. Dennis Rodman, is the title of a single from Mansionz, played for the Bulls and he always had crazy colored hair. Mike Posner, the other half to Mansionz, invited Blackbear to walk through America with him. The plan is, when the Mansionz duo walks through Los Angeles they would create a Mansionz 2! Cyhi the Prynce is featured on the song ‘White Linen’ from the album Mansionz, Blackbear said that this album is one of his most prized possessions. The album was created during a trip to Big Bear Lake, CA.

Zak Abel

Zak Abel joins us in the Hollywire studio to chat with Tony Moras about his career and perform his hit “You Come First” live! He got a shoutout from Meghan Trainor on Twitter where she said “@ZakAbel ur dope. Keep doing what u do.” He also got a shoutout from Shawn Mendes where he said “@ZakAbel is unreal! Please go watch every video and listen to every piece of music from this guy!” Zak explains how he came up with the name Zak Abel, it comes from Zackable! We also play Hollywords with him!

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