We usually don’t know celebrities beyond their social media profiles! Get a chance to know celebrities closely. From their personal life to their best and worst working experience, Hollywire brings out a lot of new stories. When you like and love your favorite celebrities so much, their choices do matter. Explore here the world of celebrities with top Hollywood’s celebrity interviews!

JoJo Siwa Gets Real About Haters

JoJo Siwa admits that she is the most competitive person she knows! Her outfit was custom made for her and when she was on her first show AUDC, she thought she was so cool! She searched on Youtube, “this video will…” and the second thing that comes up is, “This video will make you hate JoJo Siwa.” She found this to be funny and she is inspired to do better because of it! She has many hidden talents like sounding like a bagpipe instrument.

Thomas Barbusca

Thomas Barbusca drops by the studio to tell us all about his film “BigTime Adolescence.” Thomas and Machine Gun Kelly text each other on the daily. Pete Davidson plays his best friend in the movie and Thomas thinks Pete is hilarious! He admits, he’s most likely to be ‘class clown,’ the ‘life of the party’ is Machine Gun Kelly, and Kaitlin Olsen and Sofia Black-D’elia would make a great president! And he admits to being the biggest flirt!!

Britt Baron

Britt Baron from the TV show “Glow” came by the studio to talk about season 2. The response by fans has been very positive! Britt loves all of her characters outfit from the set of “Glow.” Britt loves wine, coffee, and her ‘Clean & Clear’ beauty products!

Carly Craig

Carly Craig dishes about her weirdest Tinder dates, “the crying guy!” She got to hangout with Rick Springfield the singer of “Jessie’s Girl.” She some weird socks that she wore on her show “Sideswiped” and she spills about one of her dates bad body oder!

Anand Desai-Barochia

Anand Desai-Barochia, Star Of “The Outpost,” Tells Us His Biggest Pet Peeve. Plus, what he misses most about England.

Anand Desai-Barochia dishes about his show “The Outpost” and his character ‘Janzo.’ He also tells us that he misses English chips (steak fries) with salt and vinegar.


Baby Ariel explains that she takes a camera out with her wherever she goes so she doesn’t miss anything! She fangirls over Bruno Mars and tells us that she would love to collaborate with Camila Cabello, SZA, Selena Gomez, Julia Michaels. Uh Huh has a very special place in her heart and might be her favorite song!? She establishes that Daniel Skye and her are just friends.


Cydnee Black has on ‘Huda beauty’ and ‘Wanted To’ blush palette for her Beautycon look. Whenever she doesn’t feel like it, she’ll take a day off from the glam and not put on her lashes or makeup. She thinks it’s empowering for her followers to know that they don’t always have to put on makeup, they can go a day without the glam and still look beautiful. She gives future beauty bloggers a tip, only stop if you’re not having fun!


PRETTYMUCH teaches us the ‘Harlem Shake.’ The guys talk dying their hair and eyebrows! The boys all call Simon Cowell, “uncle Simon” or “Godfather Simon Cowell.” Apparently, Simon Cowell comes in and gives them advise but ultimately let’s them run the ship. They talk “Summer On You” and how they had to wait to drop it in the summertime.

Joe Moses Talks “Back Goin Brazy,” Future, and LeBron James!

Joe Moses explains ‘going brazy.’ He tells us about putting together his song “Back Goin Brazy” and working with Future. Joe grew up in Los Angeles and dishes on how he helps the community with his music. Not only do we talk music but we also get into the Lakers, LeBron James, and Joe gives Lebron some advise!!

Jordyn Jones says her Dog is a DINOSAUR!!

Jordyn Jones tells us about her new song, “Can’t Say No” and she also lets us in on the things that she can’t say no to! Jordyn talks about her crocodile dog and teaches us how to dab. She reveals to us that she absolutely loves desserts and, if forced to choose, would pick likes over follows on Instagram.

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