We usually don’t know celebrities beyond their social media profiles! Get a chance to know celebrities closely. From their personal life to their best and worst working experience, Hollywire brings out a lot of new stories. When you like and love your favorite celebrities so much, their choices do matter. Explore here the world of celebrities with top Hollywood’s celebrity interviews!

Loud Luxury

We hung out with Loud Luxury at EDC!! Ever wanted to know what a ride in the 6 is like with Joe and Andrew themselves? We got the scoop. We also got the inside exclusive on new music the DJ pair is putting out THIS SUMMER with a very special feature! Their song “Body” ft. Brando, released in 2018, very quickly became a massive hit song all over the world. Recently, the song won Loud Luxury a JUNO for “Dance Record of the Year”. Aside from their big win, they were nominated in three other categories including “Breakthrough Group of the Year”, “Fan Choice Award”, and “Single of the Year”. Ever since, these two have been taking the EDM genre by storm performing both nationally and internationally, from festivals to clubs in Vegas and beyond, and of course just recently, EDC – the biggest EDM festival in the world. Before becoming the mass phenonemon that Loud Luxury is, Joe and Andrew starting making music together for nothing more than pure fun in Canada. They realized they made quite the musical pair and started creating sounds they loved and only hoped would appeal to the masses one day. That hope came to life as soon as “Body” ft. Brando left the studio and hit radio stations and streaming playlists all over the world.Who is excited for new Loud Luxury music this summer?! We know we definitely are!


We met up with the legendary Kaskade at EDC!! Aside from talking about his massively successful career, he tells us what EDC means to him as an artist and how his experience performing there has evolved over the years. Kaskade has played EDC so many times, he’s lost count. As tradition goes, he among other artists playing the festival, helicoptered into Las Vegas Motor Speedway BUT with a very special person in the pilot seat – his wife, Naomi! We also talk about how far he’s come since his first ever residency as a DJ in Las Vegas.

The American DJ and record producer, Ryan Raddon, better known as Kaskade, was voted America’s Best DJ by DJ Times in both 2011 and 2013. Kaskade was born and raised in Northbrook, Chicago, and attended college in Utah. He went to Brigham Young University where he practiced his DJ skills in his dorm room during his time there. Kaskade had his first ever DJ gig in 1995 at a venue called Club Manhattan and later became the first DJ to have a residency in Las Vegas. Kaskade has been DJ’ing his whole life and doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon!

Lizzy Greene

Lizzy Greene is in the Hollywire studio with Tony Moras!! We play the 6 second challange with her and she reveals some of her favorite things. We talk about her YouTube channel and how she is shooting more content these days. She also tells about her experience on the show “A Million Little Things” and what it’s like on set. Lizzy is a Taurus and reveals the trait that makes her most like a Taurus. Lizzy Greene is a Nickelodeon TV star well-known for her role as “Dawn” in the hit TV show “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn.” Although she is young, she is making a huge impact on the show.

Being a child star is busy work, so that means finding alternatives to regular school is very difficult. Lizzy Greene is homeschooled, which allows her to spend a lot of time memorizing lines and auditioning for new roles in TV and film. Lizzy is so good, she even earned herself a Kids Choice Awards nomination! Lets go Liz!

Kalama Epstein

Kalama Epstein is in the Hollywire studio!! We played our famous Hollywords game with him and he confesses that he’s a picky eater, reveals which food he’s always eating and what his favorite Starburst color is. He reveals that he would much rather have a Netflix-night-in than a night out and about. We also talked to him about starring on the Netflix hit family-comedy show “No Good Nick”. He tells us about how Melissa Joan Hart is like a mom to him IRL as well as being his TV mom on the show. He also talks to us about what it’s like working with the entire cast to make the show the best it can possibly be. From being one big happy family on set, to playing pranks on each other off set, Kalama loves being part of the No Good Nick cast and playing his character on the show. Being from Hawaii, Kalama also tells us what his favorite thing about growing up in the beautiful tourist destination!! He feels spoiled that he got to grow up in a place people dream to visit. Check out Kalama as Jeremy on No Good Nick on Netflix now!

Wolfgang Novogratz

We chat with Wolfgang Novogratz on the carpet for the premiere of “The Last Summer”! We discuss his character Foster and how Wolfgang made him his own. He tells us what it was like filming with the cast and getting to explore Cleveland together. Wolfgang reveals his favorite rom-coms and gives us his best dating and breakup advice. Wolfgang Novogratz is American actor who is most famous for his role as Drew in “Sierra Burges is a Loser,” and has gathered a fanbase from there. This 6”3 actor does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon, as he has also killed it (literally) in his appearances in “Assassination Nation” a teenage action comedy. Today, we can really expect more from this American actor, as he has also appeared in “The Last Summer” as Foster. Little known fact about Wolfgang Novogratz, is that he has a whole army of siblings, 5 to be exact. That amkes us wonder if any Novogratz are on their way to the big screen. We can only hope!

Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston is in the Hollywire studio! We discuss his friendship with Justin Bieber, his new album ‘Peace of Mind’, and he teaches us Jamaican slang! Sean Kingston is basically revolutionizing what it means to be a superstar during the 2000’s. Incorporating Jamaican style music with rap and other pop vocals can lead to a hit song; and Kingston is no stranger to having number 1 songs on the chart. You might recognize him for his songs “Beautiful Girls” and “Fire Burning”. The two bops dominated the charts and led him to becoming a household name. Recently, Sean Kingston has been working on new music, as well as taking a stand for things he believes in. This Jamaican styled singer will forever hold a place in our hearts. We cannot wait to hear what he has in store. #SeanKingston #SeanKingstoninterview #justinbieber


We caught up with PRETTYMUCH on a bus! We talk about ‘Phases’ that they just released and how it’s about a real life experience! We also discuss their new EP and who their favorite famous friend is!
Prettymuch, known as PRETTYMUCH is an American-Canadian boy band based in Los Angeles. The group members consist of Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwono. All the boyband members were pursuing solo careers until Simon Cowell formed them as a group in 2016. They gained most of their attention through covers and dance videos they posted on their social medias. They did covers from several popular songs that incudled artists such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars and Charlie Puth. Their debut single, “Would You Mind”, was performed a cappella at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. After this, the boyband saw their careers begin to takeoff. The boyband name came from Zion, who had an inside joke with a few friends back home where they would always say “pretty much” in a baby voice… thus the boyband was born. Not long after they were formed, they began to gain quite a following of fans. The boyband refers to their fans as “Beanz.”

Steve Aoki

We met up with Steve Aoki at EDC! He tells us it’s been five years since he’s played at Edc. We also discuss what makes this festival a special one to him, the Aoki Playhouse, and his next album! One of the fathers of modern EDM, Steve Aoki has paved the way for what it means to be an electronic DJ. Born in 1977, Steve Aoki is a Japanese-American EDM guru born in Miami, but found his love for house music in California. In 2009, Aoki began topping charts with hit remixes to all stars like Drake, Will.I.Am and Michael Jackson, which helped put his name on the map. Aoki did not stop there, releasing albums that would top the charts and make Aoki a common household name. Now a days he has been working on other business endeavours, and has even been seen opening his own pizza restaurant conveniently called “PizzAoki.” Steve Aoki has worked with almost every big name in Hollywood, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Elliana Walmsley

Elliana Walmsley is in the Hollywire studio!! She teaches us a new dance routine and explains her nickname, Shakoofa, while on the show, Dance Moms. We discuss her time on the show, Dance Moms, and why she decided to take some time off. We play a fun game of Hollywords and find out she prefers to dine in and she picks Instagram over Snapchat! She is a stellar dancer, who is best known for her appearance on Dance Moms and her inclusion in Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Team. Born on June 23, 2007, Elianna is an 11 year old superstar. Prior to her television debut, Walmsley studied at the Joffrey Ballet and was even crowned Miss Petite Dance: America. She has become incredibly popular on social media, earning more than 750,000 followers just on Instagram. She even has a mini series with best friend Brooke Butler, adorably called: The Brooke and Elliana Show. After competing with the Abby Lee Dance Company on the show, she was invited to participate in a national tour with fellow castmate Maesi Caes to teach dance masterclasses and give solo performances. We can’t wait for more Elianna.


CNCO is in the Hollywire studio! We discuss how the group formed, their craziest fan encounter, and what a day on tour is like for them. Also, we discuss their first kiss! The guys tell us about their favorite place to visit, Tokyo and Europe. CNCO is a Latin American boy band who got their big break on the first season of television show “ La Banda.” This band consists of Joel Pimentel, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez, and Zabdiel De Jesús. They won a five-year recording contract with Sony Music Latin after becoming the winning competitors on “La Banda.” Shortly after, the band went on tour with latin legend, Ricky Martin, and have caught the attention of fans from all around the world. Their second self titled album topped the billboard charts in 2018, and both their records debuted at number 1. We expect to see more from them!

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