Charles Michael Davis

Charles Michael Davis loves working with Hilary Duff on the show ‘Younger’ on TV Land. He thinks Hilary is super funny and gives her a 9 on the kissing scale! He and Hilary got to play around with their scene’s and figure out ways to be competitive with each other! Joining the cast of Younger was easy since he’s joined cast’s before like for Grey’s Anatomy season 9 and The Originals. Charles loves season 3 of The Originals when his character Marcel becomes a super-vampire! He’s very happy that Marcel and Rebekah, portrayed by Claire Holt, got their happy ever after in the show. The last day of filming season 5 of The Originals was his favorite! Charles Michael Davis directed episodes of the show and had a lot of fun directing Phoebe Tonkin.

Matt Dallas

Matt Dallas has a Youtube channel with his husband. They make a lot of outdoor type videos which was inspired by “Alaska Is A Drag” which stars Maya Washington (Shameless Maya on Youtube). He dishes about “Along Came The Devil” and he plays Pastor John who helps perform an exorcism!! on ‘Ashley’ played by Sydney Sweeney from “The Handmaid’s Tale.” They would laugh between takes to shake off the craziness of filming. The director, Jason DeVan, would make props that looked so real the cast would get grossed out and have amazing reactions on film!

Cierra Ramirez

Cierra Ramirez is so happy that her show The Fosters is nominated. She’s a Teen Choice regular and has been to the show multiple times! She is fangirling over Cloak & Dagger actors, especially Aubrey Joseph was was standing next to her on the pink carpet!

Luke Baines

Luke Baines star of “Shadowhunters” and “Under The Silver Lake,” directed by David Robert Mitchell (who directed “It Follows”) tells about his rockstar character ‘Jesus.’ The band The Silversun Pickups created the music and vocals for the film. Luke has most of his scenes with Andrew Garfield and gushes about how great of an actor he is to us! Luke had to wear a wig during the shoot which hurt! Luke will not wear a character costume for Halloween! He had a lot of input as to what ‘Jonathan Morgenstern’ wears on “Shadowhunters” season 3. Jonathan Morgenstern is a demon and an angel which leads to a pretty complicated character!

Naomi and Jimmy Uso

Total Divas Naomi And Jimmy Uso are so happy to be nominated at the Teen Choice Awards! If their kids were here they would be so excited to see all the celebrities. If they could create a new category for the TCA’s it would be best bloopers! Total Divas airs everything, even if you say something and don’t want it aired, it will be! And we’re glad because we love watching!!

Asher Angel

Asher Angel gushes about Zachery Levi and being on the set of “Shazam!” He thinks Jack Dylan Grazer, star of “It” is super funny and always made him laugh. If he could have a superpower it would be flight! He and Zachary talked about this at Comic Con! Asher loves working on “Andi Mack” with Peyton Elizabeth Lee, the cast is like a family to him. They love to scare and prank each other while filming! Asher’s music video for ‘Chemistry’ is out and he had such a blast filming it! He worked with Annie LeBlanc and danced all day long!

Emily Skinner

Emily Skinner talks “Sam & Cat” with Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy! They use to bbq together! She loves working on “Andi Mack” with Asher Angel and Peyton Elizabeth Lee! They love to hangout off set as well; Emily and Peyton have sleepovers! She calls out Joshua Rush because he is the biggest prankster on set. Her favorite episode of “Total Eclipse” is the finale of season 1. She plays the mean girl, and feels bad, but no one takes it personally! She is most like her character in “Sodales” directed by Jessica Biel. This summer she went to Hawaii!! She also got to go to Lake Tahoe. Her birthday is coming up and she would love to go to Lake Tahoe to celebrate!

Erinn Westbrook

Erinn Westbrook tells us that she became great friends with Debby Ryan while on the set of Insatiable! She said Arden Myrin is the craziest person on set, “she makes everyone smile.” She doesn’t relate to her character Magnolia’s problems but does relate to some of her personality trait; she’s very driven and so is Erinn! The bond between all of the cast members was great and very strong. She became very close with her on set dad, Christopher Gorham, and sometimes trolls him on Instagram by calling him dad!

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria In A New Movie With Vanessa Hudgens And Nina Dobrev! If Eva woke up one day and was suddenly a dog she would eat, sleep, and have someone pet her! She loved being able to spend time with her on set husband Rob Corrdry, the cast, and playing with dogs all day!

Byron Mann

Byron Mann tells us about his action figure and talks “Street Fighter.” The movie was wrapped before filming was even done! It was one of the first video games to be made into a movie. “Skyscraper” with Dwayne Johnson was filmed in Vancouver not Hong Kong. He tells us, for “Altered Carbon” he keeps his shirt on and that it was a crazy shoot.

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