Will Forte

We chat with Will Forte on the red carpet in Austin, TX at SXSW, presented by Smirnoff!! Will is starring in Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut, “Booksmart.” He gushes over his director, Olivia, and thinks she did an amazing job as director. In high school, Will tells us, he got good grade and spent a good deal of time studying. His parents made an agreement with him, if he got good grades then he did not have to get a job. Will took that opportunity, studied hard, and remained jobless throughout his high school career!
We also speak with Diana Silvers on the red carpet for “Booksmart.” She tells us about her shock and excitement when she found out that she booked the role of ‘Hope’ in this film. We also find out about her embarrassing day while on set, which she turns into a hilarious story!

Olivia Wilde

We chat with Olivia Wilde, director of “Booksmart,” in Austin, Texas on the red carpet of her movie premiere, presented by Smirnoff. Olivia explains, she was very excited to take on her role as director because their are so many strong females in this film. Her husband, Jason Sudeikis, was at the event, but earlier that day through her a dance party to celebrate her birthday. Jason also has a role in the film alongside the leads, Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever.
We also spoke with Kaitlyn on the carpet. Her and Beanie bought custom necklaces that read ‘Booksmart’ for Olivia and writer, Katie Silberman.
Kaitlyn says she is inspired by Olivia as an actress and director. That Olivia sat down with every one of the actors and wanted their input about their characters; she was very open to trying things. Kaitlyn says, she was a pretty good student and she had an edgy life-stage during high school where she was always wearing black eyeliner!

Jason Sudeikis

We are on the red carpet for “Booksmart” talking to Jason Sudeikis, presented by Smirnoff. Jason has an acting role in the movie that was directed by his wife Olivia Wilde. His time in Austin was short but they did get to have some fun. Jason’s sister has a dance studio in Austin where he threw a dance party, partly for Olivia’s birthday and for her premiere! Jason crowns Olivia the best dancer at the party! He reveals there is dance choreography in the movie. He thinks directing “fits [Olivia] like a glove” – he says he is in awe of her.

Gabrielle Elyse

We are at the Hollywire X Smirnoff SXSW event in Austin, Texas talking about the feature film “Snatchers.” We play Hollywords with Gabrielle and find out that she loves Marvel, especially “Black Panther” and “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.” She admits “Infinity War” gave her a panic attack because she loves it so much! She loves dogs and has four, including two french bulldogs!
“Snatchers” is about a girl ‘Sara’ has sex for the first time and then wakes up the next day nine months pregnant with an alien baby! Gabrielle stars as Hayley in “Snatchers.” Her character Hayley is blunt, opinionated, and does not hold back. While Gabrielle is a bit more loving and nice! Her character uses a farmers pitchfork, car jumper cables, and a blender!
She tells us about when “Snatchers” cameraman got high for the first time with Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)!!

Faithe Herman

Faithe Herman is in the studio to talk about her amazing career! We play Hollywords with Faithe and find out her favorite go-to crafty snack on set is hot chocolate and candy. Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman and she like makeup; her favorite is creating various eyeshadow looks. We find out that her go-to candy bar is Snickers and Twix. She loves the actress Zendaya and singer, Ariana Grande. Her favorite Netflix TV shows are A Series of Unfortunate Events and Stranger Things. She binged watched Stranger Things season one! Faithe loves working on the set of This Is Us! Her, Lyric Ross, and Eris Baker like to hangout when they’re not filming! Faithe is also starring in Shazam! with Zachary Levi and Asher Angel. She is very similar to her character Darla, they are both the youngest and talk a lot! She loved working with Zachary and Asher and she thinks Zachary is hilarious!

Anna Pniowsky

Anna Pniowsky is in the Hollywire studio!! We play Hollywords and find out she loves ramen noodles, The Little Mermaid, and is binge watching The Office! We discuss Light Of My Life working opposite of Elisabeth Moss, Judy Small with Alicia Silverstone, and PEN15!! Anna also stars in The Hot Zone as Jaime Jaax.

Isaiah Mustafa

Isaiah Mustafa is in the Hollywire studio to chat about his career! Isaiah stars in the hit show Shadowhunters alongside Katherine McNamara! He also stars in the new It: Chapter Two movie with Bill Skarsgård and Finn Wolfhard. He tells us amazing fan and on-set stories with his cast!

Daniella Monet

Daniella Monet is in the Hollywire studio chatting about her life and career! We discuss when Daniella went vegan and how she is able to keep up with her lifestyle. She tells us about two companies she is a part of, Kinder Beauty Box and PigOut Chips! Also, we discuss Ariana Grande’s music video Thank u, next where she plays a cheerleader.

Shannon Purser


Shannon Purser is in the Hollywire studio playing Hollyweird! She tells us the weirdest thing she had to do on set was thumb wrestle Adam Sandler! She had a very weird fan encounter, a weird habit of talking to herself, and she tells us about the weirdest socks she owns. Her and Joey King give each other weird, but cute, nicknames!

Katherine McNamara

Katherine McNamara is at the studio playing Hollywire Polaroid. She tells us about her first kiss and her most embarrassing moment while filming on the set of Shadowhunters. We also find out what she would be doing if she weren’t an actress and a goal she still has!

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