Asher Angel Fan Q&A

Asher Angel is in the Hollywire studio with Tony Moras for our Fan Q&A Polaroid game!! We got the Asher Angel tea… everything from why he got into the entertainment industry to his celebrity crush. Asher also walk us through what goes on right before a big performance. He even spills on what his guilty pleasure is and the DETAILS of his first kiss experience. Let us know what you think of our Fan Q&A with our boy Asher in the comments below!

Asher Dov Angel is an American actor. He began his career as a child actor in the 2008 film Jolene, starring Jessica Chastain. He is known for his role as Jonah Beck in the 2017 Disney Channel series Andi Mack. In 2019 Angel portrays Billy Batson in the DC Extended Universe film Shazam!

Ava Max: Fan Q&A

Ava Max is in the Hollywire studio for our Hollywire fan polaroid Q&A! She dishes on what exactly it is that keeps her “sweet” and not “psycho”. Ava tells us what her favorite sweet to eat is and even about her first kiss experience. She also spills on her celebrity crush. We can’t stop listening to “Sweet but Psycho” and we love Ava Max!!

Originally from Wisconsin, Ava Max is an American singer-songwriter, best known for her hit single “Sweet but Psycho”. Originally, she released music on Soundcloud but after running into record producer, Cirkut, at dinner one night and singing him “Happy Birthday” he found she needed to be singing songs beyond just “Happy Birthday” on special occasions. Together they created a fan base and brought her into the light of more record labels. After what seemed to be a slow start, it didn’t take long until a huge take off happened for Ava. Now she can also be heard featuring on tracks with household artists such as David Guetta.

Ella Gross: Fan Q&A

Ella Gross is at Instagram HQ with us playing our Hollywire Fan Polaroid game!! She tells us who the most important person in her life is and why. Ella also isn’t just the most adorable human, but she’s super smart! We talk to her about learning languages other than English. She even responds to a fan question is a foreign language that she’s learning. Ella spills on her favorite food – one that may surprise you! She also tells us who her favorite animated character is. We always have the best time chatting with Ella!

Ella Gross is a Korean-American actress and model and get this, she’s only 10 years-old! Gross began her career as an actress with her role in the tv show “Heathers” that aired in 2018. That was just the jump start of her career and she is currently working on the tv series “Malibu Rescue” that is returning June 2019. Along with being a rising actress, Gross is also a model signed with The Black Label. Her Instagram account has nearly 3 million followers and the account is solely ran by her Mom. On this account, there are photos ranging from Gross riding her bike to some of her professional photos with GAP Kids and Ralph Lauren Kids. Gross also loves to travel and documents the places she’s visited on her instagram.


CNCO is in the Hollywire studio! We discuss how the group formed, their craziest fan encounter, and what a day on tour is like for them. Also, we discuss their first kiss! The guys tell us about their favorite place to visit, Tokyo and Europe. CNCO is a Latin American boy band who got their big break on the first season of television show “ La Banda.” This band consists of Joel Pimentel, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez, and Zabdiel De Jesús. They won a five-year recording contract with Sony Music Latin after becoming the winning competitors on “La Banda.” Shortly after, the band went on tour with latin legend, Ricky Martin, and have caught the attention of fans from all around the world. Their second self titled album topped the billboard charts in 2018, and both their records debuted at number 1. We expect to see more from them!

Pia Mia

The beautiful Pia Mia is in the Hollywire studio playing Hollywire Polaroid. She reveals to us her morning routine, the first time she sang in font of a crowd, and about her first kiss. She also tells us abut her pre show ritual before a performance. And finally, she tells us about a favorite childhood memory.
The Guamanian actress, singer, model, and songwriter Pia Mia is a triple threat. She was born and raised in Guam and moved to Los Angeles when she was 13 years old. Her career began when she began posting videos of herself singing on Youtube. Her videos went viral and her social media following grew. She started her own record label called ‘Wolfpack Entertainment’ but eventually got a major record deal with Interscope Records. She has collaborated with artists like G-Eazy, Austin Mahone and Jeremih.

Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone is in the studio playing Hollywire Polaroid! We discuss when he first got into making music, his music inspiration George Straight, his morning routine, and his most inspiring fan moment. We also talk about his first kiss!
Austin Mahone is a heartthrob that has been taking names since 2011. His strong suit is in music, and he has caught the eyes of many other musician friends in the industry. His claim to fame was almost as a “second coming of Beiber” but that disposition shifted as he began to create his own type of content. Austin released His first single, “11:11,” climbed to #19 on the Billboard Heatseekers Songs chart, and was followed by his second single, “Say Somethin,” which hit #34 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart. It seems like the beginning for Austin, and we cannot wait to see the big things he does in the future!

Jaylen Barron

Jaylen Barron is in the studio paying Hollywire Polaroid! She tells us why she got into acting, her beauty routine, and her celebrity crush! She also tells us about her first kiss!

Maggie Lindemann

Maggie Lindemann visited the Hollywire studio to play Hollywire Polaroid. When she was 12, in middle school, one of her friends heard her singing and convinced her that she should pursue singing! She reveals the story about her first kiss! It was the summer going into ninth grade. She had never kissed a boy until that moment, her friends pressured her about not having kissed anyone yet and so she felt the need to get it over with before going into high school. Her music inspiration is Lana Del Rey. Lana inspires Maggie through her lyrics, her lyrics speak to her and she feels a connection to them. She tells us about her morning routine. Maggie lays in bed for about an hour, she scrolls through her phone, she has an Alexa and plays music first thing. She sometimes goes to the gym in the morning as well. Maggie admits that she is shy sometimes when it comes to singing. She says, she was unsure of herself and her ability to sing; so the first time she sang in front of people was pretty scary.

Annie LeBlanc

Annie LeBlanc stopped by the Hollywire studio to film Hollywire Polaroid. Annie poses for 5 polaroid photos after 5 questions. She tells us about her first audition. Her first audition was for Big Zero Six, she had two lines in the commercial and it went up on to YouTube. Annie was always singing around the house and her dad overheard and asked if she wanted to sing in front of a crowd; which she did and loved it! Ever since, she has been pursuing music! Her morning routine starts with checking her phone, brushes her teeth, snuggles her dogs and then gets on with her day! Annie’s hit song is “Two Sides” is out! She tells us why she wanted to get into music and that her music inspiration is Shawn Mendes and Kelsea Ballerini. Shawn Mendes is super talented and Kelsea has a great sound, according to Annie! A cool fan moment Annie has experienced is when she was gifted a cement brick with her name carved in it! She took a picture of it and posted it to her Instagram.

Lost Kings

The Lost Kings are in the studio to play Hollywire Polaroid. Today in the studio, they talk about the night they decided to become a duo and how much pairing up helped them create content. They also discuss what they think is their greatest accomplishments so far, and that playing a set at ULTRA music festival was one of the most memorable moments of their career. Nick Shanholtz explained to us at Hollywire how this performance changed so many peoples opinions on how the duo usually performs, which is super monumental. We get deep at the with Lost Kings, and ask them what their biggest fear is, and you won’t believe what they say. We explore their concert venues, and which ones were their favorites, as well as talk about what it means to be a performer. And now for the juiciest part; Lost Kings tell us their CELEB crush only on Hollywire. You don’t want to miss this Polaroid interview with electronic gurus, Lost Kings. This duo shows us that it takes more than just star power to make an impact on the house music community, and with hits like “Don’t Kill My High” and “Phone Down” We expect to see way more of this power duo in the future.

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