Kristen Hancher

Kristen Hancher is in the Hollywire studio!! We play Hollywords with her and find out her favorite fashion trends! We discuss her career and how she built her following. We also talk about her Tic Too collab with Nicki Minaj and her best tips for the app. She reveals to us her favorite hair color and which color she would choose for the rest of her life. Her boyfriend Austin Hare joins her in the interview!
Kristen Hancher is originally from Canada and has a younger brother named Derek, Kristen first came to fame during her video days where the star has videos of her lip synching. Later, we see Kristen on the TikTok app continuing her work from and soon after Kristen joins Youtube where she regularly uploads videos on music, lifestyle, fashion, and other fun things. Kristen can even be seen on shows such as Misshaps, Mani, and Troubled youth! Kristen’s Instagram, Youtube, and twitter all have millions of followers and subscribers!

Ben Azelart

Ben Azelart is in the Hollywire studio!! We play a hilarious game of Noggin’s Up with Ben and he kills it! We discuss how he got started on YouTube two years ago while living in Hawaii. He tells us about the first video he made in Hawaii skateboarding off a cliff! Ben comes up with most of his videos on his own and he collaborates with his friends. Also, we discuss his relationship do’s and don’ts and whats next for his career.
Ben Azelart is a skateboarding Youtuber who was born in Texas on January 10th, 2002. Ben has garnered a lot of attention from his outrageous and entertaining self titled Youtube channel, where he would upload adventurous skating videos. From then
on he became an internet star and has over 1 million followers on Instagram. Ben’s most watched videos include: Skateboarding, cliff jumping, and other fun internet challenges. Nowadays you can also find Ben participating in a reality T.V. show called “Bucket
List” where he is seen skating and being himself all around.

Danielle Cohn

Danielle Cohn is in the Hollywire studio! We discuss her music career, specifically her rap music. She says is inspired by Nicki Minaj! We also talk about her favorite Youtube videos to make, how she got started on social media, and her best Tic Too tips! Small but mighty, Danielle Cohn makes sure her presence is known despite her small disposition. Danielle is most known for her single “Marilyn Monroe” which she released in 2017, that accumulated several million views. Before she was famous, Danielle would participate in many junior pageants and even won the title of Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen in 2014. Her other popular songs include “Fix Your Heart” and “Little Like Paradise.” She first built an online following through the app, earning over 10 million followers on the platform, and even collabing with Cameron Dallas on a video.

Maddie Ziegler

We got to hang out with Maddie Ziegler! She is here supporting My Friends Place, a non-profit organization supporting homeless youth. She’s been volunteering here every month for a year. We discuss the trending dance move The Whoa and working on Lennon Stella’s music video! We also talk about Maddie finally getting her drivers license!! Maddie has a fashion/merch line that she loves!
Ever since being young, Maddie Ziegler is super passionate about her love for performing on stage. Originally from Pennsylvania, Maddie has been practicing dance alongside her little sister Mackenzie Ziegler. This leads to Maddie’s role in the hit tv show Dance Moms. And shortly after, Maddie became an instant viral star online after starring in Sia’s music videos such as Chandelier, Elastic Heart, and Big Girls Cry. All of these videos have garnered more than a billion views, and Maddie has performed on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, Saturday Night Live, the Ellen show, and even to the Grammy’s. Not just in music videos or late night shows, Maddie can also be seen on hit shows like Liars, Austin and Ally, and even Pretty Little Liars!

David Dobrik

We chat with David Dobrik on the orange carpet at the Kids Choice Awards!! We discuss David’s merchandise, that he loves to wear black, and his hair! He tells us he would love to collaborate with Dude Perfect.
Born in Slovakia, David Dobrik is known for having a super successful channel on Youtube with millions of subscribers. On his channel, David posts about vlogs, skits, and his daily life. Aside from his own channel, David is also super known for being a part of the youtube channel The Vlog Squad, and before youtube we can see David on Vine where we can see his collabs with other stars like Zane and Heath, Jason Nash, liza Koshy, The Gabbie Show, etc.

Annie LeBlanc

Annie LeBlanc is in the Hollywire studio again! We play Hollywords and get some hilarious answer, try not to laugh! Annie says she loves jeans! We chat about the new rings in her Annie LeBling collection, where she tells us her favorite ring! Annie breakdowns her song Two Sides and what it was like filming the music video. She reveals a funny story from working on the music video and having to pop the balloons. Finally, Annie meets the fans and answers their questions! We also chat about Chicken Girls season 4! She reveals that their are going to be a lot of new characters. Be sure to see her movie Spring Breakaway, she stars alongside Lilia Buckingham!

Jack & Jack

Jack Gilinsky of Jack & Jack, was born on September 10, 1996 in Omaha, NE. He started out on Vine, solo, and soon joined his friend Jack and created Jack & Jack on Vine. He has two older sisters and was once in a relationship with Madison Beer. 

Jack Johnson of Jack & Jack, was born on March 24, 1996 in Omaha, NE. He too began his Vine career solo. He has one older brother. 

Jack & Jack came out with their single “Wild Life” which peaked at number 87 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2014, they set out on their Digitour, selling out 14 of the 18 cities! They are continuing to make music, coming out with songs such as “Belief” and “Stay With Me.”

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas was born on September 8th, 1994 in Whittier, California. Cameron began his career in 2012 posting Vine videos of himself playing pranks on his friends and family. By 2014, Cameron’s social media following had climbed to over 30 million followers across multiple platforms. That year, Cameron also was the lead star in the Awesomeness TV film, Expelled. In 2015, Cameron Dallas starred alongside fellow Vine star, Nash Grier. Cameron also has his own Netflix reality series, Chasing Cameron, that follows his life as an influencer. Cameron was a founding member of Magcon, alongside Shawn Mendes and Matthew Espinosa. In 2014, he won a Teen Choice Award for Favorite Vine. Recently, Cameron has signed a recording contract with Columbia and has since released his debut single, “Why Haven’t I Met You?”

Jake Paul

Jake Paul was born in Cleveland, Ohio on January 17th, 1997. Paul is an American actor and internet personality who originally rose to fame on the video app, Vine. His older brother, Logan Paul, was also a popular personality on the app. In 2015, Jake was awarded a leading role in Disney Channel’s comedy series, Bizaardvark. in 2017, Paul announced he would be launching a network for influencers called Team 10. Later that year, he released a music video alongside Team 10 called “It’s Everyday Bro”, which has since amassed over 225 million views. Jake currently resides in the Team 10 house where he is a daily vlogger on YouTube. His channel has over 17 million subscribers.

Annie Leblanc

Julianna Grace “Annie” LeBlanc (born December 5, 2004) is an American singer, YouTuber, actress, and former gymnast. LeBlanc has been featured in online videos since she was four years old and has an extensive online following. She stars as Rhyme in the family drama Chicken Girls on the Brat digital network on YouTube, starred in the YouTube Brat show A Girl Named Jo playing the part of Jo Chambers, and also played Rhyme in Chicken Girls: The Movie. She has starred on the Bratayley family vlog since 2010 and the YouTube Red Originals series We Are Savvy since 2017

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