Gnash is in the Hollywire studio chatting with Ashley Brinkman about his tour and album ‘We’. Gnash performs ‘Dear Insecurity’ live in the studio! His tour, The Broken Hearts Club Tour, is currently going on now and his last show will be back here in Los Angeles! While on tour, Gnash will have a private yoga instructor with him and he says he likes to meditate everyday to keep positive. We play Hollywords with Gnash and find out his celebrity crush and a cool fan moment!

Travis Mills

Travis Mills is in the Hollywire studio to talk all about his life and career! Travis hosts a show on Apple Music called Beats 1. There, he interviews some of the top celebrities and some who are his close friends. He is also dating Madelaine Petsch who plays Cheryl Blossom on “Riverdale.” We play Hollywords with Travis and find out his morning routine and his celebrity man crush (Joe Rogan).

Malia Cevitz

Malia Givetz talks about her first tour with Jojo, her life while writing Champagne Clouds, and her experience with millennial dating in this Hollywire interview!

Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo tells us about her dream collaboration with Chris Brown, her collab with HRVY, and shows us how to do the latin hip dance in this Hollywire interview! We also asked Malu about her song “Swipe Dat”, how she met HRVY, and the last text message she sent!

Landon Barker

OTG Landon Barker drops by the Hollywire studio to chat with Ashley Brinkman about his career! His clothing line is a brand created with his group of friends, Landon has 100% total control of all creative input! He was wearing his t-shirt in his music video “I Don’t Need Her.” While filming the music video there was some free-time, Landon was skateboarding and almost went off a ledge! He is inspired by many rappers coming out with music like, lil Pump and MATT OX. But his biggest inspiration and favorite rapper is XXXTENTACION. Landon tells us about his new song he is working on called “Whip.” He tells us it is a little different from his original style! At two years old he started playing the drums and has even drummed with Blink 182! We play Hollywords with Landon and find out his annoying habit, what he thinks of Blink 182, his favorite movie, and a fun moment with sister, Alabama Barker. We also find out his celebrity crush, Kylie Jenner!

Loud Luxury

Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace, Loud Luxury, came by the Hollywire studio to talk all things life and career with Tony Moras. They just flew in from Las Vegas where they were up until 5am! Their song Body is everywhere and a huge hit! It took a whole year before their song took off. They are both from Canada (like our boy Justing Bieber) where they lived together and shared a bed! They say Kaskade eats very healthy and they have Tiesto’s phone number! They both love Cardi B’s instagram account and look at it everyday! And they would love to collaborate with her. We play Hollywords with Loud Luxury and find out how they feel about dogs, who’s their celebrity crush (Dua Lipa), and the last meal they had.

Loren Gray

Loren Gray Admits To Stealing A Picture of Eminem & Eats Kangaroo!! | Hollywire


Loren Gray tells us all the weird things she owns and has done! She has a poster of Eminem in her room that she stole from her managers office. She recreated her old makeup looks for a makeup tutorial video on Youtube. The last time she was on a stage performing was at 13 years old and her voice cracked. She owns avocado socks and loves them. The weirdest thing she’s ever eaten was kangaroo!

Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius is at the Hollywire studio talking about new music and his life! He tells Tony Moras that his song ‘Better With You’ is about someone, but he’s keeping that certain someone a secret! He loves Maroon 5, Adam Levine’s sound, and wanted to incorporate that with a Bruno Mars vibe on this song. Jacob thinks everyone should step their pants game up! He has so many pairs of pants and says he even wears crazy pants when he’s at home. He tells us about a time when a fan brought him a gold fish and chocolate milk to a meet and greet. We play Hollywords with him and find out his celebrity crush Paris Hilton! Also, we find out that in 2018 he dealt with anxiety and has been dealing with it in a positive way. Finally, he says Blackbear has been like a big brother to him!

Stalking Gia

Stalking Gia came into the studio to chat with Tony Moras! She said everyone stalks her but we got to find out who’s she’s been stalking. Lil Xan was at the top of her ‘recent search’ list, along with rapper, YBN. She just did a song with another one of our faves, Blackbear! They originally met on Twitter and met up shortly after. Gia told us about a few miracles in her life and we even experienced a miracle in the Hollywire studio!! We got to play Hollywords with the singer, and found out her celeb crush is Dita Von Teese!

Cierra Ramirez

Cierra Ramirez stops by the Hollywire studio to chat with Ashley Brinkman about her life, TV and music career! She breaks down her alter ego, Miss Thang! Her alter ego was given to her by her on-screen mom, Teri Polo from The Fosters. ‘Bad Boys’ is a song she feels a lot of people can relate to; people tend to pick the bad boy but she reveals she’d pick the good guy in real life! She cannot wait for everyone to see “Good Trouble” which she and Maia Mitchell star in. Not only that but, she shares real life stories about her and Maia! Cierra also tells us about her time spent with Noah Centineo. She has known Noah before he was on The Fosters. We play Holywords with Cierra and find out that she loves Coachella and tells us her favorite performance has been Kendrick Lamar. She loves Selena Gomez and people tell her they look similar! We also find out that she loves Riverdale, is a total Bughead fan, and works-out with Madeline Petsch!

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