SG Lewis

SG Lewis is in the Hollywire studio with Jana Rosenberg!! He recently performed a sold out show in Los Angeles and his fan base is growing massively day by day. He breaks down the meaning of his trilogy EP “Dusk, Dark, Dawn” as well telling us what it takes to be a successful, touring DJ. We play Hollywire How-To’s with SG and learn so much about this talented artist. Don’t miss this interview and stay tuned for more music news! Samuel George Lewis, better known by his stage name SG Lewis, is an in-demand producer, singer-songwriter, and DJ. Known for his collaborations with popular and up-in-coming artists like JP Cooper, Gallant, Ray BLK, Raye, Ruel, and Clairo; this rising emotive dance music maker is someone to watch. Born in Reading, England, Lewis first became interested in music in his teens. Having dabbled in several bands, he eventually found his way into experimenting with remixing tracks. In 2015, he went on to release his first EP, Shivers. Collaborations with artists followed with Gallant on his sophomore EP with the song, “Holding Back” and the Toulouse-aided single “Times We Had”. This lead up to the release of his next EP, Dusk, in 2018. Dusk was the first EP in a three-part series dedicated to club culture. The three EP will appear as a full-length album titled, Dusk, Dark, Dawn. The excitement for this album continues with the releases of his 2019 singles “Blue” and the Clairo collaboration “Throwaway.”

Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis is in the Hollywire studio with Tony Moras!! We are talking all things music – the older hits and the new with this Australian heartthrob. Dean is just getting off the road after 2 years of touring. We chat with him about life on the road, meeting all the fans and his hit song “Be Alright” that gained massive success in the last year. More recently, Dean put out “Used To Love” with Martin Garrix. We have the song on repeat here at Hollywire!! Dean tells us how the collaboration came to life. Plus, we have Dean spin the Hollywire wheel and he may or may not be revealing his celebrity crush. Watch the interview to get all the deets!!


CNCO is on the iHeart Radio Music Festival red carpet with Jana Rosenberg!! We’re catching up with the guys on upcoming new music and who they are most excited to be surrounded with at events like these. PLUS, the last time Jana was with the guys she asked if they’d ever date a FAN! Now they reveal if that’s happened yet or not. Don’t miss this interview with latin-pop sensation CNCO and for more CNCO news, stay right here on Hollywire.

CNCO is a Latin American boyband comprised of five members–Christopher Vélez, Richard Camacho, Zabdiel De Jesús, Joel Pimentel De Leon, and Erick Brian Colon. The group’s members have heritage ranging all over Latin America– from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. The group was formed in the first season of the popular Spanish singing competition show, La Banda, after the group’s members competed individually for the first few episodes. After winning the competition, CNCO signed a 5-year music contract with Sony Music Latin. The group toured with Ricky Martin after their big win, then embarked on their first headlining World Tour, Más Allá. In 2017, CNCO collabed with British girl group Little Mix on the track “Reggaetón Lento”.


DeathbyRomy is in the Hollywire studio with Tony Moras! We play the 6 Second Challenge with her where she reveals who her celebrity crush is and things she cannot leave her house without. She recently put out a song with Blackbear called “Dangerous”. DeathbyRomy talks about getting to know Blackbear not only through music, but on a personal level as artists. DeathbyRomy has a dark vibe and some serious pipes. We can’t wait to watch her career take off!

Romy Flores or as you may know her by her stage name, Death by Romy is a singer/songwriter who brings spunk to the table. This nineteen-year-old punk goddess adds her spin to Gen Z music what is known as ‘terror pop’. Her newly released EP ‘Love You-To Death’ reflects on her own life encompassing living at the extremes and escapism. Her gothic style and unique makeup has encapsulated viewers and really shows determination in her work. The dark makeup which looks like blood falling from her eyes, adds an unforgettable depth to her work. Her continuous Marilyn Manson-Esque aesthetic and dark lyrics are the ultimate example of what to expect from Death By Romy.

In Real Life

Jana Rosenberg is on the iHeart Radio Music Festival Red Carpet with IN REAL LIFE!! We play finish that phrase with the Brady, Chance, Sergio, Michael-Connor, and Drew where they reveal hilarious stories of the worst dates they’ve ever been on. Plus, when they know they are really falling for someone. Their album “She Do” recently released. The IRL boys talk about how amazing the fan reactions are to their new music and how an upcoming tour is in the works. Plus, they spill on who they’re really excited to meet at events like iHeart Music Fest. Billie Eilish is an In Real Life favorite.


Galxara is in the Hollywire studio with Tony Moras! This mega-talented artist is on the rise, but definitely not to be swept under the rug. She showed the world her strong vocals and talent through her breakout song “Waste My Youth”. We are officially fans here at Hollywire! Not only is she talented, she is extremely cool! Galxara has an iconic space-themed style. We played 6-second challenge with her and she reveals the top things you guys need to know about her. If you haven’t yet, go stream her song “Waste My Youth” right now!!

Marc E. Bassy

Marc Griffin, better known as his stage name Marc E Bassy, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. Born in San Francisco, he is most known for his single “You & Me” featuring G-Eazy. Growing up, Griffin lived in different cities around the Bay area. He always had a passion for music, but it wasn’t until his second year of college, when he decided to drop out and pursue his band 2AM Club as the lead singer. The band released an album and mixtape before being dropped by their label. In 2015, the band announced their indefinite hiatus, which began the start of Marc’s solo career. He then moved to Los Angeles and became a songwriter for other artists, before getting signed by Republic Records. Bassy’s collaboration roaster includes Dinah Jane, Ty Dolla Sign, Gucci Mane, Lost Kings, Kehlani, and many more.

Avril Lavigne

Tony Moras is on the UNICEF Masquerade Ball red carpet with Avril Lavigne!! We talked with her not to long ago at her tour rehearsals and now that she’s back, we got the scoop on what being back on the stage has been like for her. Avril tells us that she’s feeling better than ever! Seeing the fans sing back her songs to her is one of the most inspiring and exciting things for her. Now she’s here at the UNICEF Masquerade Ball talking about her involvement with the organization. Avril is very happy to be able to give back. Plus, her costume is INSANE! For more Avril Lavigne interviews and news, keep it right here on Hollywire.


Fletcher is on the iHeart Radio Music Festival red carpet with Jana Rosenberg! She talks about her new EP “you ruined new york city for me”, fan moshing during “Undrunk” and overcoming heartbreak. Her tactics may involve a little bit of tequila and a whole lot of self love. She also spills on the female artists she feels honored to be sharing the stage with. Artists like Halsey and Miley Cyrus inspire her on the daily. Fletcher performed on the day stage at the iHeart Music Fest. We have a feeling next year she may be taking over the main stage. Cari Elise Fletcher, known to fans as FLETCHER, is an America singer, songwriter and actress. Encompassing a moody and stylish pop vibe, she cites Lorde as her main inspiration. Born in Asbury Park, New Jersey she fell in love with music at the early age of 5. After graduating high school she took to starting her career in the music industry. She auditioned for the The X Factor in 2011. On The X Factor she competed as a member of the group Lakoda Rayne. Following her time on the show, she went on to enroll at the Clive Davis Institute of Record Music at New York University. After a year and a half at NYU, she took a year to collaborate with producer/songwriter Jamie Kenney in Nashville. The pair finished her first EP. In 2015, her first single “War Paint”was released and went viral, racking up millions of plays on streaming services. With the success of “War Paint”, she took the opportunity to then release her “Finding Fletcher” EP in 2016. Over the next few years, FLETCHER continued to focus on singles. She released “You Should Talk” in late 2017, followed a year later by “I Believe You,” a song inspired by the #MeToo movement. In January of 2019, she released her single “Undrunk”. This quickly gained over five million views since its release. In April 2019, she released “If You’re Gonna Lie”, marketed as a prequel to “Undrunk”. In August, she then released her second EP titled “You Ruined New York City For Me” (stylized in all lowercase), which includes her hit single, “Undrunk”. Next stop is a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York in December. We are excited for more FLETCHER.


12AM is in the Hollywire studio with Jana Rosenberg talking his new song “Love Dies” ft. 24kGoldn and his upcoming album currently in the works. Even though 12AM is just emerging on the music scene, his songs are being streamed and listened to by millions. He explains his music to be the kind of stuff you want to listen to after 12AM, whether it’s music about love or music you can vibe to late night/early morning. On the topic of his artist name, we talked to him about the best after party he’s ever been to. Post Malone’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding” album release party takes the cake among other epic parties he’s experienced. He also talks his friendship with Tyla Yaweh and artists he wants to collaborate with in the near future. 12AM is extremely talented and definitely one to watch.

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