Echosmith’s Sydney Sierota

Sydney Sierota from Echosmith is in the Hollywire studio with Gabi Conti! She is telling us about how she and her brothers are gearing up for their tour for the new album “Lonely Generation”. We also chat about how Echosmith’s new music is different from music in the past. PLUS, they are doing 12 music videos for each song on the album!! She also gets puts to the test during a game of Never Have I Ever. Go see Echosmith on tour RIGHT NOW and stream their new album “Lonely Generation”.

New Hope Club Plays ‘Never Have I Ever’ and Talks New Album!

New Hope Club is in the Hollywire studio with Jana Rosenberg! They’re talking about their new album and song collaboration with REHAB. We play Never Have I Ever and the guys spill all the tea. Don’t miss it!

Johnny Orlando

Johnny Orlando is on the Islands Records red carpet with Jana Rosenberg! We are catching up with this rising star on music and his 2020 goals. He gives us some EXCLUSIVE music news that you guys cannot miss! We also chat about his music video for “All These Parties” and more. Go Johnny!

Tate McRae

Tate McRae is in the Hollywire studio with Tony Moras!! We are chatting with her about her hit song “Stupid” and the meaning behind it. Tate reveals if she’s ever been in love and how she writes songs about love. She also plays “Emotional Lyric” and it is HILARIOUS. Don’t miss this interview and go stream Tate’s song “Stupid” now! Rising star Tate McRae is a Canadian dancer that has taken up singing, too. Her mother was also a dancer which let Tate naturally follow suit at the young age of 6. She has mastered five dance forms and was even featured as a main contestant on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation in 2016 where she was crowned second runner up. Aside from dancing, now 16-year old Tate has a passion for singing and is making lots of progress as a singer-songwriter in recent years. Before the release of her first debut single “Tear Myself Apart,” Tate took to Youtube to sing covers and original songs for her audience. Her first song “One Day,” which quickly blew up, is what propelled her to professionally release her music. As of late, Tate’s most recent release is “stupid,” and it displays her talents and emotions as a teen singer-songwriter.


Saweetie is on the red carpet with Jana Rosenberg! She talking all things music, her new album and some special collaborations she is very excited about. Plus, we chat with her about her new song “Sway With Me” featuring Galaxara!! We challenge Saweetie to a game of “Never Have I Ever” and she spills some serious tea. We love her and can’t wait to hear her new music!!

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha is on the Spotify Best New Artist red carpet with Jana Rosenberg! We are chatting with her about her new album she is currently working on. She has some exciting collaborations on the album! We also chat with MAX about Grammy week and his hit song “Love Me Less”. Don’t miss it!


Zhavia Ward is on the Spotify Best New Artist red carpet with Jana Rosenberg. We are talking all things music. She is currently working on her album! We also play Hollywire Firsts with her. She spills on her first celebrity rush and who the first person she would thank if/when she wins a Grammy. Zhavia is so talented and we love chatting with her! Stay tuned for her album coming out soon!

Dinah Janes

Dinah Jane is hanging out with us at Spotify’s Best New Artist Grammy event! She tells us about her new singled “Missed A Spot”. Plus, she is going on a world tour with Agnez Mo! Dinah also tells us which best new artist she is the biggest fan of and who she would bring on stage with her during a Grammy performance.

Lewis Capaldi and Yungblud

Lewis Capaldi is catching up with Hollywire’s Tony Moras at Spotify’s Best New Artist Grammy event! We chat about Billie Eilish, vans and how Lewis is a Grammy nominee amongst some other of his favorite artists. The interview was so much fun that Yungblud crashed it!! These two had some HILARIOUS stuff to say about guys who wear Vans.. don’t miss this!


Up and coming artist, JZI is in the Hollywire studio! She talks music that she is working and life in Las Vegas. We also talk to her about artists she wants to work with. Plus, artists that inspire the music she already has out. She is signed with George Browns record label. Together they are working on her upcoming album. We also play rapid fire questions with her where she reveals a lot! Don’t miss it. You can keep up with JZI on Instagram at @jzimusic.

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