Scotty Sire

Scotty Sire is in the Hollywire studio to chat life and career! Scotty started on Vine for fun and just loved entertaining people. He admits he a bit more reserved in person than in his videos. His music career is taking off, he doesn’t claim a specific style because he loves so many different types. He recently dropped an album called Ruin Your Party.

Loren Gray

Loren Gray is in the Hollywire studio paying Hollywire Polaroid. She tells us about the first time she was in the studio and her greatest accomplishment. Also, her biggest inspiration (Eminem) and her favorite dessert. We find out when her first kiss was and how it happened!

Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo is in the Hollywire studio! This is a stylized retro interview shot in the VHS format. Malu is and international superstar you might have heard her song Hasta Luego with HRVY. We find out what Malu Trevejo favorite dance moves, hips. Her musical inspiration is Chris Brown. She loves brownies and lava cake. Her favorite city is New York because the people and the vibe. And finally, her celebrity crush is A$AP Rocky.

Sunny Malouf

Sunny Malouf is in the Hollywire studio! Her record “One Minute” is our today!! We play the 6 second challenge and find out who she’d love to collaborate with! She tells us all about her music career and working with Team 10. She had a great time working on the music video and wants her fans to know that she is going through the same things in life as they are. She loved touring with Team 10, their favorite thing to do is go to Taco Bell!

Connor Finnerty

Connor Finnerty is in the Hollywire studio chatting with Ashley Brinkman about his friends, life, and career! His favorite scene to shoot during his music video ‘A Million Degrees’ is with Siena! The songs also about her! He loves vlogging, be sure to check out his vlog Connorville on YouTube. Connor reveals his dream date with girlfriend Siena Agudong, which would be at Disneyland! We play the 6 second challenge and get some hilarious answers about Riverdale and Justin Bieber!

San Holo

San Holo tells us his opinion on the current state of the EDM industry, he calls BiPolar Sunshine, and he talks about his debut “album1” tour in this Hollywire interview! He also explains why a lot of EDM culture and producers, like Tiësto, Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens, all come from the Netherlands.

Zhavia Ward

Zhavia Ward came into the Hollywire Studio for an interview and told us all about working with DJ Khaled and Fergie on The Four! Before The Four, she was working on an EP that she did not end up putting out. She loved working with Fergie, she was always a fan of hers and says she is “super sweet.” Zhavia sang, and rapped, a cover of a Card B song while on The Four. Bebe Rexha invited her to a females only song writing session and that’s where Zhavia met her label, Columbia. She also worked on the “Deadpool 2” soundtrack with Diplo!

Carson Lueders

Carson Lueders tell us the weirdest facts about him! From weird items in his rooms to the weirdest things he does when he’s bored! Thanks for joining Hollywire for this interview, Carson Lueders!


Gnash is in the Hollywire studio chatting with Ashley Brinkman about his tour and album ‘We’. Gnash performs ‘Dear Insecurity’ live in the studio! His tour, The Broken Hearts Club Tour, is currently going on now and his last show will be back here in Los Angeles! While on tour, Gnash will have a private yoga instructor with him and he says he likes to meditate everyday to keep positive. We play Hollywords with Gnash and find out his celebrity crush and a cool fan moment!

Travis Mills

Travis Mills is in the Hollywire studio to talk all about his life and career! Travis hosts a show on Apple Music called Beats 1. There, he interviews some of the top celebrities and some who are his close friends. He is also dating Madelaine Petsch who plays Cheryl Blossom on “Riverdale.” We play Hollywords with Travis and find out his morning routine and his celebrity man crush (Joe Rogan).

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