Max & Harvey

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Some of our favorite British boys, Max & Harvey, came by the studio to chat with us! Not only were we lucky enough to interview them, we even got to hear a live performance of their new song “Trade Hearts”. They even told us where they got the inspiration for the song! We got to hear about their craziest fan experience and it sounded wild. They said their dream collab would be with Marshmello! We had so much fun with these boys and can’t wait to see what they have coming up!


We were lucky enough to be able to sit down with the amazing Blackbear!! After crashing his hotel in Las Vegas, we got to chat with him all about his music and life. He told us the hilarious story of spilling a drink all over Pharrell!! He told us a bit about his struggle with drugs and alcohol and his inspirational journey to becoming sober. Bear has an album dropping on Valentines Day and we are pumped!!

Jack & Jack

The AWESOME duo, Jack & Jack, stopped by our studio to chat about their new song “No One Compares To You”! We talked about their recent success with the song they collaborated on with Jonas Blue, “Rise”. Jack & Jack were so excited to work with Jonas on that track and it’s safe to say the team at Hollywire is OBSESSED with “Rise”! They talked a bit about Vine and how they’re still best friends with Shawn Mendes, which we are so glad to hear!! Jack Gilinsky told us a bit about his workout regime and Jack Johnson said that taking your shirt off onstage is a necessity! We played never have I ever with the duo and had so much fun hearing what these two get up to!

Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie, otherwise known as Danielle Bregoli, came by the studio to talk all about her new mixtape, face tattoos, and finally spoke out about XXXTentacion’s death. She explained all of her lingo to us and told us what “geek’d up” means! Danielle told us that she didn’t choose to have her body guards, and even got her security fired!! She thinks that there should be way more female rap artists in the rap game and we talked about her blowing up on music streaming platforms!! Bhad Bhabie thinks face tats are ridiculous and she said she doesn’t even know what she would get tatted. Danielle told us a bit about her personal relationship with recently deceased rapper, XXXTentacion. Big things are coming for Bhad Bhabie!!


One of our favorite heartthrobs, Froy Gutierrez, came into the studio to give us a live exclusive performance of his song, ‘Sideswiped’!! He sounded SO amazing and we are so lucky to have heard him live in the studio. Froy is from Dallas and told us all about how weird it was going from living in the suburbs of Texas to living in Los Angeles! Froy has starred in Teen Wolf and is working on so much new music!! We LOVE Froy and can’t wait to see where his career goes!


Lloyd came into the studio to tell us all about his journey and his new album, ‘Tru’! He had some awesome features on his album like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and even his son!! Lloyd said he even used some of his sons toys as percussion in the background for some of his songs. Lloyd told us that his definition of greatness is being the best imperfection of yourself that you can be, we love that!

RJ Word

We got to hang out with RJ Word and he talked to us about his new music video, What You Need!! RJ Talked to us about his experience performing on stage and even what it was like to direct and put input into his own music video. RJ is super creative and loved the experience of styling himself and influencing the creative flow of his music video. We played ‘What You Need’ with RJ and he told us what he likes and dislikes!

Marcus & Martinus

Marcus and Martinus got weird with us at Hollywire!! We asked the two what the weirdest thing to ever happen on stage was, and they both said it was when a fan broke their ribs during their performance! M&M said the weirdest outfit they wore on stage was a squirrel costume. Their weirdest thing they have in their rooms is bit of grass from a soccer field. They said the weirdest place they ever stayed at was a hotel that had an aquarium in it!!


At the iHeartRadio Musical Festival, Badflower is most excited to take a bath at their hotel rooms!? After a busy tour and performing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the band says they’re just excited to stay in their hotel rooms and get some much needed R&R. They even clued us in on what truck stop showers are. They ran into 5SOS but were too starstruck to say hi! Badflower says they’re most excited to see Fleetwood Mac perform.


We got to chat with Logic at the iHeart Radio Music Festival!! Logic said he was most excited to see Shawn Mendes perform, and told us how big of a fan he is of Shawn. His new album, YSIV, just dropped and he described his new sound as “just bars”! He told us what it was like working with Marshmello and even joked that he never got to see his face!! He said Marshmello is the nicest dude and super cool to work with. Logic makes sure to give a special shoutout to his amazing fans, who he calls his Rat Pack!!

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