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The Best Party at Coachella was REVOLVE!

REVOLVE, presented the much-anticipated 4th annual #REVOLVEfestival, a variety of aspirational style and entertainment experiences, performances, and activations. The 2nd day of #REVOLVEfestival had party-goers hyped and excited during Offset’s performance as fellow member of Migos, Quavo, jumped on stage. Guests were then surprised by special guest.Cardi B! The two joined the stage together and gave a memorable high-energy performance, which ended in a kiss! Tyga, Saweetie, A Boogie With Da Hoodie kept the non-stop party hyped, and rap duo Rae Sremmurd closed out the show.

Hailey Bieber Did THIS To Become Queen Of Social Media!!

Hailey Beiber should be nominated selfie QUEEN and we’re going to break down why. Flawless? Stunning? Mrs. Beiber? These are all things that come to mind when thinking about Hailey Bieber. So it’s no secret that Hailey Beiber is absolutely slaying everyone’s instagram feed. The model’s beauty and sex appeal reeled in her nearly 17 million instagram followers and not to mention took Biebs off the market. From sexy photo shoots to cute candids, we want to take time to remember all of Hailey’s top selfie moments.

Did You Know Ariana Grande & These Celebrities Are All Vegan?!

This hearthrob and Mega star has shown her love for animals through social media and interviews, but Ariana Grande took her devotion to the next level and she even said “I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding.” Zac Efron explains that thanks to his vegan lifestyle, being healthy and focusing on his body became super easy and completely changed his life. Miley Cyrus explains that after her dog passed she would not be eating animals anymore, and hey, she even got hubby Liam Hemsworth on the vegan train as well.

5 Seconds of Summer CRAZIEST on-stage moments!!

We can’t get enough of 5 Seconds of Summer and we can expect to see them on tour soon! In honor of their upcoming endeavors, we thought it’d be perfect to recount 5SOS’s cutest onstage moments. Who could forget the time Michael Clifford opened up about his mental health during a show in 2015.At a show in 2018, Calum was waving to fans on his way offstage and slipped and almost fell flat on his face! Thankfully, Ashton was there to catch him and make sure he didn’t damage his money maker, thanks Calum!

Bella & Gigi Hadid CUTEST Sister Moments!!

There is no doubt that this iconic duo can make any head turn whichever room they walk into, we’re counting down the top 5 cutest moments from these bombshell sisters. Bella and Gigi were caught wearing matching jerseys for the Rangers game in New York.There are so many moments Gigi and Bella are caught holding hands in the streets, but they even took their hand holding to the next level when they were caught walking down the runway during Paris fashion week in March! When these sisters were not on the runway, they were lounging around with one of the world’s most famous mouses, Mickey!

Harry Styles Sexiest Hairstyles!

Harry styles hairstyles, can you say that 5 times fast? We love to love him, and can’t get enough of him. He’s busy touring, and we’re hoping to see more of him in big cities. To keep him fresh in our minds, let’s take a look at 5 epic Harry Styles hairstyles.

Maddie Ziegler and Kailand Morris Relationship Status!

Okay, so they’ve been spending a ton of time together the last several months, but what’s their status? It all started when the two of them were on set for Dancing with the Stars and since then, they’ve been in tons of social media posts together, but Maddie Ziegler and Kailand Morris have not confirmed that they are officially dating. Whatever is going on, they look adorable, and we are all for the instagram love that’s going on between the two.

Justin Bieber’s CRAZIEST Fashion Moments & New Clothing Line!!

Justin Bieber is not one to do things by the book. And you can tell that just by looking at his outfits. From casual to classic to obscure facial hair, he’s undoubtedly a man of many looks. He’s even got his own clothing line, Drew House, so you can dress like him too. And guess what – the clothing line sold out moments after it was released. Let’s take a look at how this fashion icon is doing things like no one else. These are Justin Bieber’s most outrageous outfits

Ariana Grande’s Huge Tattoo Mistake!

Ariana Grande has had a busy few months. There was the release of her record breaking song, “Thank U, Next”, which was the first single off her upcoming album. But – queen Ari wasn’t done yet! She then released “Imagine” and “7 rings”, both hits that left us wanting a friend like Ari. And we all know that Ariana loves celebrating milestones with new tattoos so it’s no surprise that she got tatted to celebrate the release of her new song, “7 rings”! Ari loves Japanese culture, and even included it in the music video for “7 Rings”! So what’s the most logical thing to do? She fused the song and her love for the culture into a tattoo… obviously. Unfortunately, Twitter discovered her “7 Rings” tattoo actually…did not say 7 rings. It was spelled incorrectly and when translated, it said “small, charcoal grill.” OOPS!

Noah Centineo Tops Our List of HOTTEST Guys!!

These are the biggest heart throbs right now. You’re watching Hot on Hollywire. We can’t get enough of them, and any show is a little better when they’re in them. Let’s take a look at the biggest heart throbs of the moment right now.

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