Ariana Grande’s Huge Tattoo Mistake!

Ariana Grande has had a busy few months. There was the release of her record breaking song, “Thank U, Next”, which was the first single off her upcoming album. But – queen Ari wasn’t done yet! She then released “Imagine” and “7 rings”, both hits that left us wanting a friend like Ari. And we all know that Ariana loves celebrating milestones with new tattoos so it’s no surprise that she got tatted to celebrate the release of her new song, “7 rings”! Ari loves Japanese culture, and even included it in the music video for “7 Rings”! So what’s the most logical thing to do? She fused the song and her love for the culture into a tattoo… obviously. Unfortunately, Twitter discovered her “7 Rings” tattoo actually…did not say 7 rings. It was spelled incorrectly and when translated, it said “small, charcoal grill.” OOPS!

Noah Centineo Tops Our List of HOTTEST Guys!!

These are the biggest heart throbs right now. You’re watching Hot on Hollywire. We can’t get enough of them, and any show is a little better when they’re in them. Let’s take a look at the biggest heart throbs of the moment right now.

Maddie Ziegler Makes Our List of Hottest Bombshells!!

These are the hottest bombshells right now. They’re beautiful, witty, and you don’t wanna mess with them. These are the girls of the moment, the bombshells we can’t get enough. Zendaya Disney Channel star has came a long way from her debut show “Shake it Up.” Standing in at only 5 feet tall, Ariana Grande can make heads turn in any room she walks into. Maddie Ziegler is a talented dancer has proven to us that she can work it on and off the floor! Taylor Swift is a fan favorite and a total bombshell.

Demi Lovato CLAPSBACK at Haters Online!

These celebrities said what?! 5 epic times celebrities clapped back at online trolls. They get a lot of heat. Can you blame them if they don’t always keep their mouths shut? Remember what your mama taught ya – if you ain’t got something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. These are 5 epic times celebrities clap back at their online trolls.

Top Most Popular Celebrity Kim Kardashian’s inspired us to be with extended family Members – Family Vacations

To be real in a life is great pleasure so let’s be a real. Most popular Kim Kardashian has real family about vacations. The Kardashian’s are something beyond a family. The whole families are social status and their last name is descriptive word all without anyone else. Regardless of whether you appreciate them or hate them, there is definitely no denying that these rulers are all at the highest point of their enjoyment.

If we talk about most popular celebrity Kim Kardashian or her whole family vacations, it’s a part of family love together in their life. Popular celebrity Kim Kardashian usually has fab vacations in different destinations with her family. The whole families take dozens of trips per year and spend quality time together to make memorable moment for life time.

Even the most popular celebrity Kim herself said, “I love holidays. I couldn’t imagine being from a small family”.

Here you can note most popular celebrity Kim Kardashian’s vacations places that exactly cannot get enough of where you can find your personal favorite and can plan to go with family and friends. Places are Canyon point (Utah), London (UK), Vegas, Cabo Sanlucas (Mexico), Big Sky (Montana), Cannes (France), Vail (Colorado), Reykjavik (Iceland), Turks and Caicos, Iniala Beach (Thailand), Mykonos (Greece), Paris (france), Tokyo (japan), Florence (Italy), Dubai. These are the most top places where this popular celebrity visited with her family members.  If you are a real lover for visiting separate places in vacations you presumably recall them visiting all of the following hot destinations. Regardless of whether you’ve never observed a scene of KUWTK, we’re sure that the treks the popular celebrity Kim Kardashian have shared throughout the years will motivate you to venture up your vacay game, from stylish resorts to outside hideaways to tropical islands and past.

Latest Hollywood’s Celebrity News about Carson Lueders

How passionate a dreamer Carson Lueders is – we all know. Having started out his musical journey just at the age of five, he discovered music is what he loves. We had him on Hollywire studio and got an opportunity to explore him as a person and as an artist. The talk show eventually turned out to be a top Hollywood’s celebrity interview. Let’s just go through a quick introduction of Carson Lueders and discover what he talked about at Hollywire studio!

Carson Lueders had a huge success on his national television debut called The View where he strummed his guitar and sang alongside Keith Urban.  

“When everything started with music, I was super young. I would just cover my favorite songs. But through the years, I found my true self. I feel like my sound has really evolved and I love the music that I’m putting out,” he explains.

His audiences have seen him grow not only by age and height but also as an artist. He appears to be more learned and focused. From here emerges my next point that I would love to emphasize – this young boy is not limited to music but also revealed that he has a passion for acting as well.

Although he is very young and still pursuing his journey, his life is an inspiration for millions of young people. That’s the reason that his fanbase has substantially increased over the years. He stopped by Hollywire studio to talk about some cute facts about himself. Like the fact that the weirdest thing in his room is a microphone and he finds it very cool. Also, Carson Lueders talked about the weirdest things that he does when he is super bored. We absolutely loved what he talked about and are hoping that you would love him too. Watch out this latest Hollywood’s celebrity news in full here.

Why Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is so famous?

How many of you get attracted to the success Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has earned in his life? But, how he reached this far and become so famous and successful?

Let’s break down the reasons he is so popular among millions of people. Guys, the reasons we are going to mention below are really an inspiration for anyone who aspires something in life. Just don’t miss out!

His Charismatic Personality Adds on

You’ve seen him and his charismatic character. It is something that helped him to rise far from where he had started. He can really make a huge difference in the life of people who surround him. Probably that’s why everyone waits for what he will do next in his life. Being able to appeal to everyone, he managed to make a transition from a minor fame to a remarkable success.

Competitiveness in His Veins

Everything he wants to do, he puts his soul, heart and mind in it. With an intense urge to give his best to whatever he does, he brings out perfection and competency. His competitive nature helped him succeed as a wrestler as well as an actor. For making his dreams come true, he worked hard without looking back. By paving is way ahead, he becomes what we see him today.

For making his dreams come true, he worked hard without looking back. In the pursuit of paving is way ahead, he managed to become what we see him today.

He Made Bold Decisions

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson epitomizes wisdom and courage. If you look through his life journey, you’ll find out that he made bold choices in his life. From cutting out a bad company and surrounding himself with good people to venturing from wrestling to acting, his choice changed his life thoroughly. Had he not believed in his dreams and ventures, he would not have been able to achieve the super-success that he is well-known for today.

He Learned from the Failures

Failures knock the door of all of us. But Dwayne transformed his failures first into the lessons, then into a motivation and finally into achievements. After failing miserably in his football career, he hit the rock bottom and was forced to go back with his parents.  However, he realized that he had a long way to go ahead and got to knew that he needed to work even harder.

Dwayne aimed high in his life and did what he could to manifest his dreams and visions. He is a big inspiration for everyone. Hear him talk about here at Hollywire Studio!

Why People Love Miley Cyrus? – Discover Latest Hollywood’s Celebrity News!

If you are a kind of person who has always been astounded with outrageous moves of Miley Cyrus, this post gonna change your mind. Miley Cyrus might be someone who gets criticised by her haters but there are plentiful amazing reasons that you will love her for. This latest Hollywood’s celebrity news is a true hook – read on!

Let’s begin with a special message for Miley Cyrus – “I love you because you are not afraid to be who you want to be! You inspire me everyday!” It’s from one of her million fans and it truly illustrates what sort of person Miley is.

What makes Miley most lovable among her fans is her courage to stay true to herself. With an I-don’t-give-a-f*** attitude, she has continued her journey of life and she seems to enjoy it a lot.

With this spirit and attitude, she keeps encouraging the teens to focus on their positive self-image and learn to appreciate their true self.

Well, there is also something charmingly beautiful about her – her voice!

Get yourself free some day to listen to the magical voice of Miley Cyrus. Her choreographic skills may not be so good but she has got a lovely voice.

When you see her hairy armpits, crazy and outlandish outfits and, questionable behaviour, you might give up understanding what she is up to. But let’s turn the angle to a different direction to see how wonderful Miley is as a person.

Some vulnerable issues such as At Risk-Youth and LGBTQ have always exerted a strong influence on her. She openly concerns herself with these sensitive issues. Moreover, with lots of guts and boldness, she is always ready to voice and support other celebrities instead of putting them down.

One more surprising thing about Miley is her charitable nature and actions to which she has been committed to since she was a child. She has supported organisations like Red Cross, Get Ur Good On, and The Trevor Project. Additionally, she is popularly known for founding her own organisation called The Happy Hippie Foundation.

So, there is a kind, compassionate and confident side to the seemingly awkward personality of Miley Cyrus. But, you have to believe that media avalanche of love and criticism for her is also because she is really admirable.

Latest Hollywood’s Celebrity News about Social Media Moments of Famous Hollywood Celebs

The activities of Hollywood Celebrities on Social media give out hints of “what is on their mind?”. Whom posts they are commenting on? What could their comments mean? We have a list of latest hooks that were caused by the social media moments of some popular celebrities. Follow this post till the end!

Loved Riverdale? Or let’s ask it this way – Loved Bughead?  

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse’s Instagram moves show up cute inclinations that they are dating each other. Remember the time when Lili updated her IG story with moments she and Cole were watching eclipse? Also, the time when she wrote a “happy birthday” post that was captioned something like this – “It seems as if the world would still be a stranger to me, if not for you. I’m so thankful that our paths intertwined to form this beautiful adventure…Happy birthday, my love.”

It doesn’t end here! Latest Hollywood’s celebrity news captures Cole as well commenting on Lili’s Instagram posts many times. Here is the complete story!

Things are likewise even for many other celebrities who took themselves to put thirsty comments on their boo’s sexy snaps. Ben Simmons tops this list. He has been caught up commenting on model and Television star Kendall Jenner IG post where she is wearing a bikini.

And Ben’s comment looked like “Come here”… Lili let us know that Ben is her man!

Raise your hand if you love – Camila and Charles – together! Earlier Camila confirmed their relationship on IG by posting an adorable picture. And till date, they keep posting thirsty comments on each other’s posts.    Justin Bieber also makes our thirsty celebrity comments on social media list! Don’t miss the fun, click here for full details!

Hollywood’s Most Popular Celebrity Interview features Melissa Bolona at Hollywire Studio!

Very talented and successful model and actress Melissa Bolona came to Hollywire studio and chatted about her career and life. Before you view her in the spotlight on Hollywire studio, let’s just get into a little bit in her earlier life.

Many of you might like cookies a lot! But, do you know there is a cookie thing about Melissa Bolona also? That’s her nickname – Cookie Monster. Certainly, there are many more reasons other than this that cookie lovers will like her for.

Since the time she was just five, she started growing as a model and an actor. Eventually, she started getting paid off for her skills and hardwork. Some magazines offered her to be on the cover page and also she got the chance to make debut in the movie Grace of God as Cindy in 2014 and in Two Sides of Me as Herself in 2013 on the television.  

This was how she embarked on her career. Having that said, let us tell you that the latest Hollywood’s celebrity news unveils that she has recently done six films in eighteen months. Melissa, that’s truly unbelievable! 

Melissa Bolona has really put her sweat and soul in her career and therefore she has been able to attract great success toward her life.

With a pool of projects she did in the past months, it seems that she has been a mass demand. If we speculate that she is withdrawing a handsome amount of salary, we would not be wrong. Hollywood’s most popular celebrity interview featuring gorgeous and super talentedMelissa Bolona on Hollywire brings out into the open some really interesting facts. Like, her celebrity crush is Chris Martin from Coldplay! We also played “Truth or Dare” with her and it was when she had dared to act like her dog when it is happy, angry and when it pees. Guys, it was so much!! We know you don’t want to miss watching her. Here is her interview!

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