Noah Mills

We caught up with Noah Mills in the studio! We play a hilarious game of Hollywords with Noah and find out he loves Coachella, sneakers over heels on a girl, and would rather dine out then get delivery. Before acting, Noah was modeling and modeled for Dolce & Gabanna for years! We discuss his show “The Enemy Within” on NBC and his role on “The Brave.” If he could, Noah would tell his 15 year old self to find what you like in life do that and find your tribe of people!

Annie LeBlanc

We speak with Annie LeBlanc and Baby Ariel on the orange carpet at the Kids Choice Awards! Annie is linking up with Nickelodeon’s digital space and their new projects! The show is called “The Bake Off” with her sister Hayley LeBlanc. She went to a fitting with Jayden Bartels to get ready for the Kids Choice Awards! She tells us 5 of her favorite things about her sister Hayley and her biggest pet peeves. Baby Ariel says she is excited to see DJ Khalid! She is writing a lot of music and is in the studio.
Annie LeBlanc is one of three siblings and Annie along with her siblings have a hit channel on Youtube called Bratayley with over 7 million subscribers. Aside from youtube, Annie also stars in a few shows like Chicken Girls, and A Girl Named Jo, or even the youtube channel Brat. Aside from acting Annie is also a singer, with top hits on the charts, we are not surprised at how talented Annie is! Annie’s music inspiration comes from singers like Shawn Mendes and Kelsea Ballerini!

Jaylen Barron

Jaylen Barron is in the studio paying Hollywire Polaroid! She tells us why she got into acting, her beauty routine, and her celebrity crush! She also tells us about her first kiss!

Kelli Berglund

We chat with the cast of “Now Apocalypse” in Austin, TX at SXSW. We got to chat with leads, Kelli Berglund, Beau Mirchoff, and Roxane Mesquida. Kelli explains that she has all of her scenes with Avan Jogia while Beau and Roxanne have theirs. Beau got to play around while filming the scene with the photographer in the show. They explain that there are a lot of shooting things that happen on the show, but it seems scary on the page than during filming. They also tell us what their favorite things about their characters and the others. Kelli also reveals who her favorite character is on the show, Beau’s character!

Cobra Kai

“Cobra Kai” is a new series in it’s second season that takes place 34 years after the original film, “The Karate Kid,” and an event in 1984 at the ‘All Valley Karate Tournament.’ The story follows the reopening of the Cobra Kai dojo by Johnny Lawrence and his old rivalry with Daniel La Russo. The show stars Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, and Martin Kove. They sum up season 1 in one word, awesomeness, victory, and triumphant. We discuss the fight scenes that went into season 2 and all of the training that went into it. They explain that they did not get a lot of time to train so that made things even harder and pushed the cast even harder. They spill that the fight scenes are going to be bigger and better than in season 1! The fan response has been amazing and the love has been revived for this movie and show. The three leads give us season 2 details and how the stakes are higher, new characters, and bigger fight scenes!

Ricky Whittle

We chat with Ricky Whittle of “American Gods” at SXSW! American Gods is an American fantasy-drama that is based off the novel by the same name. There has been major hype surrounding this show, as it is a whimsical twist to what we are normally used to. We follow Shadow Moon as he finds himself in distress after hearing about the loss of his wife.
Ricky Whittle- Shadow Moon, played by talented actor Ricky Whittle, has found himself in a whirlwind when he is offered a job as a personal chauffeur. Ricky Whittle first got his footing in front of the camera as a the face of Reebok in 2002. Little did he know he would be taking several roles throughout the next years and even the lead in hit show “American Gods.”

Hannah Godwin

We caught up with Hannah Godwin at the iHeart Radio event! She feels that the show was such a whirlwind of an experience and says she is excited for Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph. She is excited to see Ariana Grande and Bruno Mars. Her favorite song off of Ari’s new album is “Thank u, next.” Her advice to future Bachelor or Bachelorette contestants is to be yourself and don’t hold back. She plans to be in the moment and take life one day at a time.
We also chat with Case Walker! He says he loves Snapchat and use to love the dog filter. Case reveals he is working on music right now that has a Shawn Mendes vibe.
We talk to Faithe Herman on the red carpet! Faithe says she loves working on “This Is Us” and gets to hangout with her co-stars off set.

Olivia Holt

We chat with “Cloak & Dagger” Olivia Holt & Aubrey Joseph in Austin, Texas at the Hollywire X Smirnoff SXSW event!! We play Hollywords and find out Olivia would love the superpower to breath underwater and Aubrey would choose invisibility. Aubrey and Olivia’s favorite travel destination would be somewhere tropical. They are so excited to be part of the Marvel family. Season two starts with a two hour premiere; Aubrey lets us know there will be new villains in this new season.
Olivia Holt is an American actress and singer, who has turned heads with her beautiful blonde hair and piercing hazel eyes. Starring in many television commercials, Olivia did not get her big break until 2011, when she secured her role on Disney Channels new show, “Kickin’ It.” Not only can this girl act, but she can sing as well! She has recorded three songs with other Disney stars such as Debby Ryan, Zendaya and Luke Benward. This is only the beginning for actress and singer, Olivia Holt, and we are super excited to see the many projects that she has been working on.

Tyler Blackburn

We are joined by Tyler Blackburn in Austin, Texas at SXSW! We discuss his most embarrassing moment and who he would cast in a movie with himself! Tyler gushes over his cast mate, Jeanine Mason! He thinks she brings so much to each scene and loves working with her. The cast got to go out while filming in New Mexico. They also went to a Japanese spa in the mountains of San Antonio! Getting into his character, Alex, Tyler had to find Alex’s inner strength and let it shine. The role came to Tyler during a time when he was going thorough a lot and was able to relate to him. Tyler admits, he would date an alien in real life and would love to be able to fly if given an alien power!
Tyler is a popular American actor, model, and singer. He’s also known for his role,Caleb Rivers on the hit TV show ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and the spin-off ‘Ravenswood’. He has stayed busy working on films/short-films (‘The Tudor Tutor,’ ’You & Me,’ ‘Love Is All You Need?’). He has received three ‘Teen Choice Awards’ for his contributions in these projects. He has a strong social media presence and a loyal fanbase of 7.2 million followers on Instagram and 1.7 million on Twitter as of March 2019.

Vincent Rodriguez III

Here at SXSW, we have Vincent Rodriguez III who plays Josh Chan from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend with us. Watch as Vincent plays Hollywords with us and spills what happens on the blooper reels!
While playing Hollywords, Vincent landed on Superhero Powers, and Vincent says he wants Superman’s Powers because that’s more fun than talking about their celeb crush right?
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is currently wrapping up as the show is in it’s final season, and Vincent recalls some of the funniest moments he has on the set. One time while on set waiting for Rachel Bloom to open the door for him, Vincent, instead of standing there decides to moon her, isn’t that wild?! Talk about a major blooper reel laugh out loud.
CXG Fam Bam, the nickname that Vincent still uses today, while it was in the script, Vincent is still using the name today because he really does feel like the cast is his Fam Bam…Literally!
Vincent remembers reading the script for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in his Living room after the skype call and being sad knowing the show is going to end and now it’s wrapping up, how time really flies right! Even though the show is wrapping up, Vincent knows that the meaning and messages will still resonate with fans long after.

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