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Hayley Leblanc

Actor/ Actress, Singer, Tik Toker

Hayley Leblanc

Actor/ Actress, Singer, Tik Toker
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    Katy, Texas
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Hayley Leblanc

44 Hayley Leblanc was born on September 2, 2008. Currently, she is 13 years old and she is a Virgo. She comes from a well-off family, born and raised in Severna Park, Maryland. While her hometown was a birthplace for her and her siblings fame, eventually they've moved to Los Angeles. Their move is due to an increase in work opportunities which allows them to build their brand. Hayley Leblanc and her siblings have a famous YouTube channel called Bratayley. They've found success through this channel, currently they have over 8 million followers.   Her mother and father are very supportive of her and her siblings careers. They are both business savvy and help them navigate the tricky waters of finances and social media. Hayley Leblanc had a brother who lost his life at a young age due to health complications. Hayley Leblanc is in the 2018, Chicken Girls The Movie, which was the start of her acting debut. Because of the success she had in that project, she also appears in The Halo Project. That's not all, you can also find her in Annie vs. Hayley on Nickelodeon. For being only 14 years old, her net worth is rather inspiring. Hayley Leblanc has a net world of $0.3 million dollars that she's made solely from her social media and acting career. Youtube seems to be the highest paying check for her currently.   Because of her age, there's no boyfriend in the mix. She has many friends that she's associated with and collaborates with other social media influencers. One of her dreams is to break into the music industry as well. Hayley Leblanc has a passion for singing and hopes that one day she can make her own music. There's no doubt that Hayley has many talents and has the talent to achieve anything she sets her mind to. The future looks very bright for this young social media star!

Hayley Leblanc was born in Maryland. As a child she was heavily into gymnastics.

Hayley Leblanc has many different talents. She is an actress, singer, former gymnast, and also has a YouTube channel.

Hayley Leblanc is associated with Jules LeBlanc, a famous YouTube. She and her other siblings have a shared YouTube channel.

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