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Marshmello DJ


Marshmello DJ

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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Marshmello DJ

Marshmello was born on November 4, 1989 in the United States. At the age of seven, he moved from California to Florida with his family. He started to play guitar and pursue music as a hobby. Marshmello is without a doubt one of the most popular DJs in the world. Born Joseph Martin, he began DJing at age 16 and quickly rose to fame. His signature style is energetic and fun-filled, with an emphasis on remixing old classics. Marshmello has also played at some of the biggest festivals in the world, including Coachella and TomorrowWorld, and his mix CDs are sought after by fans all over the globe. His signature look is a white marshmello hat with a smiley face drawn on it. He also wears a white t-shirt and shorts. Who is Marshmello? For most of his career his identity was a mystery, but not long after being in the spotlight his identify comes to light. Marshmello is a DJ and producer who produces a variety of electronic music. His music has an upbeat and melodic style, which also helps him land himgigs at some of the biggest opportunities in the world. Marshmello's music has over 9 billion streams on Spotify. What many people don't know about Marshmello is that he also comes from a family of djs. His father was a dj and his two brothers are both djs/producers. His older brother, Christian Combs, is DJ, Prince Fox and his younger brother, Casey Combs, is DJ, Dotcom. They both have produced music with Marshmello, and he even features on their tracks. Marshmello's music is very different to his brothers. He sings and plays the piano on a few of his songs, which adds a unique vibe to his beats. Today, he's one of the most well respectable DJs in the world and continues to make some of the best festival music there is.

Marshmello was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His early life and childhood has been a secret for much of his career.

Marshmello has become one of the world’s most successful DJs.

He is associated with Deadmau5 and Paula Abdul.

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