We caught up with Alabama Barker to chat about her new single “Heartbreaker,” as well as the music video for “Our House,” and test her on how well she knows every single one of her pets! She also takes part in an impression of her Dad Travis Barker playing the drums!

Alabama Barker’s new single is called, “Our House.” She has an acoustic performance of the song coming out soon! Alabama describes the video and says, “It’s going to be a very fun, Tumblr type video.” We are so looking forward to it! But Alabama’s newest single is called, “Heartbreaker.” She says, “I can’t wait. It’s going to be a good one.” Alabama describes the video by saying it’s about a girl who breaks hearts, but she’s someone who could resemble anyone. Clearly, Alabama wanted to make this single in order to resonate with any of her fans! She also says, “I wanted to make it very fashion[able], very summer.”

We also had to know if Alabama’s dad, Travis Barker, has influenced her taste in music at all. Alabama says Travis Barker has “shown me everything I know. Half of the rap, half of the singing. It’s awesome.” Alabama Barker also did an impression of her dad playing the drums. She says that when Travis plays he sticks his tongue out. Apparently he does this when he gets nervous, and Alabama makes fun of him for it! A fun fact about the Barker house is that they have a ton of pets! Six dogs, three cats, one hamster, and one gecko to be exact! Watch the video to see Alabama Barker name them all! We so wish we had that many pets! Don’t you?

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