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Alisha Marie stopped by the studio to catch up! She discusses her Youtube hiatus, upcoming content, as well as testing her level of Hollywood in a game of How Holly Are You?

In one of her recent videos, Alisha Marie has expressed that she wants to put her mental wellness first and that she would be taking a break from her main Youtube channel. She says, “It was really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I needed a break. For the longest time, I just kept [putting up videos.] And I would say, ‘It’s okay. I can put up with it.’ Uploading a video does not sound like that much work, but honestly it is so much work.” However, Alisha Marie has more than one channel, she also owns a vlog channel.

We also wondered, would Alisha Marie ever be friends with one of her fans or is she? She says, “One of my best friends, Mia Stammer actually has a channel too. She actually says from the beginning that she used to watch me and I’d watch her too. That was so funny. Now we’re best friends.” But what about her fails? Was there ever a video that Alisha Marie tried to film that was a complete fail? She replies, “There was this one video literally years ago. And I tried to film this waterproof makeup look. It was not waterproof and that was the struggle. I went underwater once and mascara was everywhere. I had to clean it all up. By the end of the video I felt like such a fraud because I tried to make it work and it clearly didn’t work so I just scratched that whole video.”

But while Alisha Marie has said that she wanted to take a break she recently tweeted that she has been feeling inspired. So we look forward to seeing more content from her!

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