Anna Kendrick is on the red carpet in Austin, TX at SXSW!! We discus her and Danielle Brooks film, “The Day Shall Come.” Anna and Danielle both tell us what it was like filming in the Dominican Republic! They both had an amazing time while they were there with the the rest of the cast and crew.
Anna Kendrick is a bubbly young Hollywood actress is well known for her hilarious roles, great singing voice and not to mention her over the top performances. She has starred in films with major Hollywood A-listers such as George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebel Wilson, and has solidified her place in Hollywood. Kendrick’s name became household, as her lead role in “Pitch Perfect” warmed hearts all around America.
Danielle Brooks, “Orange is the Black” star has touched the lives of millions with her role as “Taystee,” a convict that has a heart of gold. Brooks began her acting journey at Julliard, and has proven that she can do television AND theatre. Taking on many important roles, Brooks has portrayed characters with intense struggles, even performing on broadway’s “The Color Purple” nominated for three Tony’s! She also makes many debut appearances in hit shows such as, “Girls” and “Master of None.”

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