Blac Youngsta stopped by the HOLLYWIRE studio to talk about his single, “Booty.” When asked what kind of booty he likes, Blac Youngsta said, “I like them loose. Kind of jiggly.” He was also asked if he would date a girl that couldn’t twerk and his response was, “of course!” Even though twerking is more than prevalent in his videos, Youngsta said, “It would be fun! I could teach her how to twerk!”

Blac Youngsta is famous for taking selfies of himself surrounded by piles of cash. We’ve seen them, you’ve seen them. They’re everything. So we asked him, “How much money do you have on you right now?” He said, “$30,000.” WHAT! Then he proceeded to lay it out on our HOLLYWIRE table!!! We asked him what he’s going to buy with it? He responded simply, “I’m gonna spend it.” He is also not at all worried about anyone stealing it from him. We respect the confidence.

HOLLYWIRE asked, “Which celebrity wins the booty contest?” He didn’t even have to think about the answer! “Lady Gaga.” It is apparent that Youngsta has a crush on Gaga because when we asked him what he would call a collab he’d write with her. He said he would call his collab, “I love you.”

We also wanted to know about his jewelry. Does he buy it for himself? Does someone else pick it our for him? Crazy enough, Blac was in the middle of a translation during our interview! We got to see first hand what a Blac Youngsta jewelry transaction looks like! Maybe that’s where that $30,000 in cash went?

Thanks for coming in and talking with us, Blac Youngsta!

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