We caught up with Bryce Vine at the 2018 Wango Tango Blue Carpet. (And no, he’s not Childish Gambino.) He explains the meaning behind his song ‘Drew Barrymore,’ crowd surfing at a concert and most Hollywood moments!

We had to asked Vine, if he was invited to a summer party, which item from the backdrop would she bring? He chose the pineapple with the bird of paradise inside! He said it’s because, “It’s the most island-y thing I’ve ever seen!” But we guess you’ll just have to watch to see exactly what he’s talking about!

Vine has a new song called “Drew Barrymore.” We wanted to know exactly what that’s about! He said, “I used her as what I think a perfect girl is. Kind of badass, kind of cute, sexy, and I just had that in mind when I was writing that!”

We also had to talk about the crazy photo on his Instagram of him crowd surfing. He said, “I played the Coast Guard Academy. Those kids don’t get to get out much, so when they have a concert, they go crazy! Crazy!” He also mentions that it was one of his best performances, ever!

Vine also has a song coming out called, “La La Land.” So we wanted to know, what is Bryce Vine’s most Hollywood moment? He says that his most Hollywood moment was back in 2012 he was sitting by the pool with his friend drinking rosé and thinking, “this is the most Hollywood thing I’ve ever done.”

We also had to ask him who his most Hollywood friend? The answer? Our interviewer, Diana! She is after all the most Hollywire. When we asked him who is his Hollywood crush, he answered “Tessa Thompson.”

You heard it here folks! Bryce Vine is crushing on Drew Barrymore and Tessa Thompson!

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