HOLLYWIRE met with Cody Garbrandt at the launch of Mike Tyson Ranch in Hollywood earlier this month. We chatted about boxing, Mike Tyson, and the healing components of THC and CBD! Garbrandt says that Tyson Ranch has been doing amazing things in the last year. Tyson Ranch has primarily focused on the healing components of CBD and THC. Garbrandt says, “being a professional athlete [you have] the soreness and not being able to have THC or CBD in our system [is hard] because we get drug tested all the time. They actually lifted that ban in 2018. We’re able to do CBD which helps us heal faster.” The ban on CBD was recently lifted this year when the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from their list of banned substances. Prior, cannabidiol also known as CBD was prohibited both in and out of competition. However, the ban was lifted when it was discovered that CBD didn’t enhance performance, but rather assist with the healing process after a fight. Now, with this new lift, the benefits of CBD can be properly researched.

In our HOLLYWIRE interview, Cody Garbrandt also mentions how Mike Tyson was a huge influence on him as a boxer. He says that Mike Tyson was so important to him as a fighter because he “believed he was the best and went out there wanting to destroy his opponent.” But Tyson wasn’t his only influence to “do better.” In his new book, “The Pact,” Garbrant discusses his unique friendship with five-year-old leukemia patient Maddux. The two made a promise to each other, that Maddux would beat cancer and Cody would become a UFC champion!

Cody Garbrant is a mixed martial artist who is signed to with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. You can purchase his new book, “The Pact”  anywhere books and eBooks are available.

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