We have the best time chatting with Dave Bautista at the premiere of his film “Stuber” in Austin, TX at SXSW. We discuss how crazy the film gets, which involves lots of Siracha! He reveals that they shot 2-3 alternative endings to the movie! We talk about his funny experience with an Uber ride he had. His Uber driver dropped them off and asked them why they were going to a park so late – lol! Dave talks about the action scene and working with Karen Gillan again. He also had an amazing time filming with Kumail and thinks he is hilarious and incredibly talented.
We also get to talk with Kumail Nanjiani! He has not had a crazy experience with an Uber driver in real life, but in the movie it is just the opposite! His favorite film to shoot was a scene with Dave in a sporting goods store with a lot of action.

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