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We caught up with Emily Osment at the Blue Diamond Gala! The TV & Music star talks soccer days, growing up at the Dodgers Stadium and new music!

Emily Osment says that sports have always been an important part of her life. She told us that growing up both her and her brother played soccer. She also mentions that she has been going to Dodger stadium since she was a kid since she’s a Los Angeles native. She says, “This is really cool. I love going to Dodger event and pretending not to freak out whenever Justin Turner walks by and smiles.” She continues to tell HOLLYWIRE, “sports are super important. My mom’s a teacher. Growing up, you learn a lot through sports. Whether it’s comradery or sportsmanship or team playing.

We also had to ask Osment a few rapid fire questions. “Heels or wheels?” She quickly answers, “wheels!” But what about Emily Osment’s most Hollywood moment? Emily answered that the Blue Diamond Gala had to be her most Hollywood moment. She says, “this is really cool. I love the Dodgers and I never get to break out this blue, suede jacket.”

Right now, Emily Osment is working on her third studio album. You can peep the details on her Instagram including studio photos and more!

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