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Eve chatted with us about new music coming soon, life in London, and plays Happy, Joyous and FREE at 2018 LA Pride!

Eve was so very excited because it was her first ever Pride! She said she loved the vibe of everyone there! She says, “the energy here is so crazy. You see it, you feel it. Everybody’s here, really though, to have a good time, which is nice.  That’s such a nice thing!” And we so agree! “Everyone is here to be love and be loved,” she remarks.

We also discussed Eve’s new album that is coming out. However she corrected us and said, “Well, music. I’ll say music. I got some new music coming out.” While it has been a little while, or maybe as Eve says, “a long while.” We are definitely looking forward to it! For the last couple of years, Eve has been living in London, trying to find her inspiration. She says, “A lot of the music is with producers who live there or writers that live there. So yeah man, I’m excited about it though. It feels amazing.”

While we had her, we also had to play a HOLLYWIRE original game. The game is called Happy, Joyous, and Free. First we had to know, “Who is the most happy, joyous, free person in your life right now?” Very quickly Eve replied, “My DJ Martin 2 Smoove is the nicest person you’ve ever met and ever will meet in your entire life, genuinely!”

Then we asked, “Where’s the happiest, joyous, and most free place you’ve performed?” Again, we have to appreciate how quickly Eve answered. Immediately, she responds, “It would be Pride.” We love that she knew this even before she performed!

Watch the video to find out more about what Eve chose as Happy, Joyous, and Free!

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