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We had such a fun chat with GIGI GORGEOUS at Vidcon 2018! The Youtube phenomenon shares details about engaged life, wedding plans, as well as taking part in the HOLLYWIRE Vidcon Awards! Follow us for more lifestyle, pop culture and entertainment.

Recently, Gigi walked her first ever fashion show in Austria for Life Ball. Per their website,

“Life Ball, organized by LIFE+, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It was founded by Gery Keszler and Torgom Petrosian in 1993 and takes place at Vienna’s City Hall every year. Life Ball has become one of the world’s most important AIDS charity events. The seven-digit proceeds of this benefit event go to global aid projects, in collaboration with international partner organizations.

An unsurpassed number of international celebrities from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, and politics works tirelessly every year to raise awareness for this issue. The City of Vienna also contributes significantly to the success of Life Ball. Providing Vienna’s City Hall as the venue for this event clearly shows this city’s cosmopolitanism, tolerance, and social responsibility.

The message is loud and clear: Together we can end AIDS!”

Gigi also spoke to us about her new engagement! So is Gigi going to get married soon or enjoy a long engagement? Gigi says, “I feel like I go back and forth all the time.” She says that the biggest part of her wants to enjoy the engagement since she’s never been engaged before.

Gigi Gorgeous shares so much of her life on Youtube. She says the only thing that she doesn’t share much of is her love for fast food!

But since HOLLYWIRE was at the Vidcon Awards we had to have our own special edition HOLLYWIRE Vidcon Awards! Watch to find out her answers!

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