We are chatting with Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, and Adam Randall in Austin, TX at SXSW, presented by Smirnoff. They are here to promote their film “I See You” directed by Adam. Jon plays a detective of a small town. Helen his wife. He investigates a missing child cold case when strange things start to happen. Helen informs us that this project took a year to get off the ground. And that they did not have too much downtime to explore Cleveland, Ohio where the film took place.
Helen Hunt is an American actress has been acting since the age of 8, and has not stopped since. Her monumental roles in “I See You” and “Mad About You” have paved the way for a long and steady career for this hollywood actress. Not to mention there is a “Mad About You” reboot that is speculated to come out sometime in the near future. Helen Hunt has won 1 Academy Award for her role in “As Good as it Gets.” for best actress, and has had other nominations as well. Helen Hunt made her directorial debut in 2007 with film “You Found Me.”

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