Jacob Sartorius Reveals His ONE Dating Dealbreaker & Who ‘Better With You’ Is About!! | Hollywire

Jacob Sartorius is at the Hollywire studio talking about new music and his life! He tells Tony Moras that his song ‘Better With You’ is about someone, but he’s keeping that certain someone a secret! He loves Maroon 5, Adam Levine’s sound, and wanted to incorporate that with a Bruno Mars vibe on this song. Jacob thinks everyone should step their pants game up! He has so many pairs of pants and says he even wears crazy pants when he’s at home. He tells us about a time when a fan brought him a gold fish and chocolate milk to a meet and greet. We play Hollywords with him and find out his celebrity crush Paris Hilton! Also, we find out that in 2018 he dealt with anxiety and has been dealing with it in a positive way. Finally, he says Blackbear has been like a big brother to him!

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